One of our readers, Emily of Emily Rose, was lucky enough to see the Kit Kittredge – An American Girl movie already and has written a great review. From Emily –

I went to see this movie today with my parents and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The film takes place is the 1920’s and a very difficult time in America’s history.  The country is on the brink of The Great Depression when jobs are lost and people can’t pay their bills.  Kit lives in a lovely house in Cincinnati and her Dad runs a successful car dealership.  But times become tough and Kit’s world, and that of her family, takes a turn for the worse.  Kit’s Dad needs to go to Chicago to look for work and she and her Mom need to make ends meet at home.  To do this, they take in a selection of very different boarders; all with their own peculiar story.  Kit also has her Tree House Club where she and her friends can plan all sorts of adventures and try to forget the problems they have.  One of her interests is journalism and she wants to try her luck as a cub reporter.  A first story she wants to write is about her friends who live on the edge of town in a hobo camp.  When a spate of robberies is blamed on the hobos the story becomes more personal.  Kit goes on a quest with her friends to solve the mystery.

This is a very sweet movie and well made.  There seems to be more effort on this movie to make the story work and the characters more full than in the previous AG DVD’s.  The story is believable and gives a tremendous sense of what it must have been like during The Great Depression.  It is very cute to see Kit and her friends deal with their life and go out and solve the mystery together.  I would recommend the movie for all AG lovers and girls aged 7 to12.  By the way, I also think parents would love it.

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