What’s the buzz around town?  Well she has arrived after several months of waiting with anticipation!  Who is she?  Henriette the newest addition to the Heart n Soul Collection.  Heart n Soul who owns Kidz n Cats created a new collection called the  Wunschpuppe, meaning the Wish Doll.   This collection was limited to 300 pieces and sold out within a weekend.   She was a customizable doll where you could select her hair color (available in Light Blonde, Golden Brown and Mid Brown) as well as her eyes (available in blue, grey/green and brown).  So there are 9 possible combinations.  She has just started to be delivered and several owners have allowed us to use their pictures of this lovely doll. Let’s take a look…

The first to arrive was Jessie’s doll which she names Rory.

Amy’s doll arrived next, she has the grey/blue eyes.

Cynthia followed with the light blonde hair.  This was the hair/eye combination which was posted when she became available for ordering.   We had to imagine all the other combinations.

This was the combination that I ordered.  The camera makes her hair look red but it is not.  It has a golden  brown look.

Here is a better look using the natural outside light.

A close up of the hair

Her eyes have a clear blue color, beautiful and her lips have a light pink color, very nicely done.

The outfit is impeccable with so much detail. She does not come with a cat, rather  she has a very nicely made purse.  The skirt is made with royal blue tulle and she comes wearing a two piece knit long sleeve turtle neck and leggings of a light brown color. Her sweater top is knitted wool with multiple color sequins.  She also come with a cotton scarf that brings out all the color combinations of the outfit. The turtle neck knit top comes with a zipper closure.  No Velcro!

Of course, since I am a shoe person, the boots are awesome!  Very well constructed and fit like a glove.  They have a zipper closure.

Here for your pleasure are the many faces of the Henriette Wish dolls that have arrived in their new homes.  I am sure we will see many others in the near future, after all there were 9 combinations…;-)

Fun Facts:
1.  Thank you all who sent me their pictures to be used.
2. Thank you to Sonja Hartmann and her family for creating such a beautiful doll and allowing her to arrive in time for the Holidays.
3. The opinions are my own, and to not reflect those of Doll Diaries nor am I associated with the Heart n Soul company.
4, The Wish Doll collection is separate from the Kidz n Cats collection. You will see more Wish dolls in the future.