Limited Edition Henriette from Kidz n Cats

Talk about a doll who is creating some buzz in the collector world! This is Henriette – an 18″, poseable, vinyl play doll from Sonja Hartmann’s Kidz n Cats line. I first introduced you to her briefly this past weekend when I linked to the article about her at Maxine’s My Doll Best Friend site. This morning in my inbox I got a note from The Toy Shoppe (with that gorgeous graphic!) letting us know that you can order her here in the US, too.

So what is so amazing about Henriette? Let’s start with the fact that she is a limited edition of 300 and I have heard that most of those 300 have already been ordered. And, you can customize her so she is made to your specifications (choice of three eye colors and hair colors). She is show as a blonde with blue eyes, but how gorgeous would she be as a gray-green eyed golden brown haired girl? And Henriette will be made in Sonja Hartmann’s Berlin studio – not China. WOW! Last but not least, her face is a new mold that we have not seen before – what a beauty!

If you are a Kidz n Cats fan and would like one of these special dolls, I do not recommend waiting long to get your order in!

In the US – visit The Toy Shoppe and place your order by Friday (she is $176.00).

In the UK and elsewhere – visit My Doll Best Friend.

The dolls are scheduled to ship in late November. If you ordered Henriette, of course we want to see lots of photos once she arrives!!