One of the fun things I get to do as part of the Madame Alexander Mom Advisory Board is share special events and such with you.  Did you know that National Dance Week kicks off today? Yep, it is from April 25-May 4 and Madame Alexander has got our favorite mouseling Angelina leading the way!

Angelina Ballerina

Madame Alexander is hosting a fun contest on Facebook where people can enter to win a special Angelina Ballerina gift set valued at $94, which will include one Angelina Periwinkle Tutu soft doll, a book, and a 3-pack of DVDs.  There will be one winner each day for all of Dance Week (and I would LOVE for it to be one of our readers!).

Angelina Ballerina Dance Week

Madame Alexander founder, Madame Beatrice Alexander believed that dolls helped little girls to dream, learn about the world around them, which included arts and culture. Since dance plays such a large part of this, we feel that celebrating Dance Week we all help uphold her vision.

Angelina Ballerina Printables

While we are getting ready to dance the week away, stop over to Angelina’s website and download some printable coloring pages, door hangers, bookmarks and post cards or play one of her games like dress up (oh, there’s an app for that, too!!), match or do a jigsaw puzzle online. Perfect activities for little mouselings and budding ballerinas!

Angelina Ballerina

Angelina has always been a favorite in our house – since Megan was little, little! Even though the girls are getting older, when this sweet soft Angelina arrived in the mail for us to review, both girls just had to give her a big hug and talk about their favorite Angelina episodes.  She is so huggable and just the right size to go to ballet practice, car rides, and then snuggle up for a movie and bedtime.

And finally, Madame Alexander gave us a special coupon code for Dance Week. Use the code DANCE on the Madame Alexander website during Dance Week and get 20% off all orders.

Have a fabulous Friday!!