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**Note from Char – this post was supposed to be published during Let’s Get Cooking week, but wasn’t due to my crazy travel schedule. Better late than never, because this post from Kerry Goulder is a treat of its own to be enjoyed any day!!
Hello all you Camp Doll Diaries fans. This is Kerry Goulder and I’m so excited to be cooking up some fun with you today in my giddy studio. Since I was little I have loved dolls, I still have many of them here in my grown up home. My daughters love dolls too and have one of their own American Girl dolls. We also love to sew and cook, and when you put all of these things together, this is what happens. We made Aprons and Chef hats. If you want to make your own, I’ll show you how.
These aprons are fairly quick and require a little bit of previous sewing skills, or the help of someone who already sews. The cost of making your own hat and apron will be approximately $3-$5 if you already have the basics, and I will share below some many options to personalize your hat and apron. Once you finish sewing your Apron, head on over to my blog for the Chef Hat tutorial.


What you’ll need:
2 fat quarters (your choice of fabric – it can be white or printed) (for beginners I recommend felt for the apron, as it is easier to hand sew, and less flimsy)
2-4 buttons
36″ (or 1 yard) of grosgrain ribbon (satin is not recommended)
Basics: Pencil, paper, scissors, needle, thread, pins, sewing machine (helpful but is not necessary if you can and are willing to hand sew), and an iron.
What you’ll do:
For Beginners:
Step 1 – Cut your felt pieces as follows: 1 piece to a 6.5″ square. 1 piece for the pocket 2.5″ x 3″ and some little flowers, shapes or letters for embellishing
Step 2 – Fold down the top long edge of the pocket about 1/2″ and stitch it down
Step 3 – Stitch the pocket to the apron (towards a corner)
Step 4 – Fold down the top corner of the apron and attach your ribbon pieces and buttons, for tying the apron around the neck
Step 5 – Attach your ribbon pieces to the sides, for tying the apron around the waist
Step 6 – Add embellishments how and where you’d like
Step 1 – To make the apron cut two pieces of fabric that are both 7″ squares, and cut your ribbon into 4 equal pieces. Place one piece of fabric right side up on the table and place one ribbon piece in the corner, in line with the opposite corner. Place the other ribbon in the other corner, and place the reverse side of the apron right side down on top. Sew all the way around the edges, leaving a 1.5″ opening for turning.
Step 2 – Carefully turn the apron right side out.
Step 3 – Gently push the corners out using the eraser end of a pencil if you don’t have turning tube sticks, or point turners. Press the edges nice and flat using an iron (adult only, or with adult supervision).
Step 4 – Top stitch all the way around the edge of the apron (if you are new to sewing, top stitching means to sew along the edge, only 1/8″ or less away from the edge to give it a finished look – this stitch will be seen when finished). This will also sew the small opening closed that we used to turn it inside out. Fold down the top corner and stitch the two remaining pieces of ribbon to the top and add buttons or other embellishments for decorations if desired.
If you’d like to personalize the hat or apron you could add the following:
1. Name or initials
2. Pocket on the apron (2.5″ x 3″)
3. Applique shapes
4. Embroidery details
5. Fabric markers, paint or tie dye
6. Felt flower embellishments


Leave a comment below to enter for your chance to win a signed copy of my book Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love, two fat quarters of “Once Upon a Story” fabric, matching ribbons and buttons for making your own chef hat and apron. The giveaway will end August 9, 2014.

When you have finished sewing your hats and aprons, it’s time to get cooking in the kitchen. Some of my most favorite recipes are Cherry Salad (which is Gluten free!!!), Wonton Soup, and my most yummy childhood memory Fluffernutter Balls!

You can find me all around the internet here and share your finished chef hat and apron pics with me here: (use hashtag #kidgiddyanddolldiaries
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