I know it is not Thursday, but one of our readers, Kelly, sent me a few photos of her American Girl doll from 1995 which means she is one of the original Girls of Today!

AGOT 1995

Over to Kelly!

I just wanted to share some fun photos of my old AGOT Doll. She is from 1995 and from the original American Girl of Today line. She is Number 7, but we named her Kelly, after me. πŸ™‚

She came with a white button down shirt (which she is not wearing in the pictures, though we still have it), a fuchsia shirt, fuchsia leggings and an AG denim vest. The vest has plaid trim and the American Girl of Today logo on the right hand side. The vest is also reversible, and the reverse side is fuchsia again (popular color that year) with the AGOT logo all over.

Apparently she came with black shoes but I no longer have those. I do have these awesome Black High Tops that I love, and I think she loves them too.

They have the AGOT logo on the side as well as the sole of the shoe.

I also have a pair of blue jeans and a red shirt and yellow socks that came with her as well, but she doesn’t look nearly as good in them and they are nothing special. While most girls now a days would not think of this outfit as very stylish, it was back in the 90’s- believe me! AG has come a long way with making quality clothes and accessories and I am so glad to say that I got to experience the love and magic of the dolls so long ago!

Thank you Kelly for sending this in!! I am definitely going to continue to keep my eye out for an early American Girl – historical, today or Lindsey – as I really want one for our collection eventually.