Each year when we go to visit my husband’s family for the holidays, the girls and I have to make a special visit to see Aunt Kay. Kay has one of the largest collections of Barbie that I have ever seen in person. She knows everything about every doll in her collection, displays them in and out of the box, and changes up her displays frequently, too. Natalie and I like to call it “Barbie Heaven.”

This year when we went, just Natalie and I went to visit Kay which meant we could take our time, ask a bazillion questions, and really enjoy the time we had with this amazing lady. Here are a few of the photos I took. I will be featuring more of the individual photos and information on some of my favorites from her collection in upcoming posts.

Barbie Christmas tree

Welcome to Barbie Land!! The original pink Barbie Christmas tree and “life-size” Barbie stay up year round to welcome visitors.

Amazing Barbie Collection

It didn’t take Natalie long to get to work checking out her favorite Barbie accessories. This is a photo of just one corner of the room. You can see we had taken dolls out to really look at closely.

Vintage Barbie Collection

This is the case that holds the vintage Barbies. Some of these were Kay’s daughter’s Barbies from when she was a little girl in the 1970’s and others are even older. Midge – the doll on the far left is original although her dress is a reproduction.

Barbie accessories collection

Natalie was fascinated by the Barbie ornaments and accessories case. She spent quite a bit of time quizzing Kay on what everything was, where she got it and what was in it. Kay loved to see that Natalie was so genuinely interested and even gave her a few of her duplicates like the black Barbie lunchbox keychain that even has a Barbie thermos and banana in it.

Barbie collectors

Kay’s collection spans two whole rooms of her house with one room just dedicated to the little Kelly-size dolls. Natalie couldn’t help but to keep going back in that room to find something she hadn’t seen before. Kay decided that Natalie needed to start her own Kelly doll collection so the two of them sat on the floor going through boxes and drawers as Kay filled up a bag for Natalie with nine Kelly and friends dolls.

I am convinced there is a Barbie for every type of collector!! Megan loves the Holiday Barbies and the designer Barbies (like Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Lily Pullitzer, etc). I personally love the Silkstone Barbies, and Natalie – let’s just say, she loves them all.

I took more than 100 photos on Saturday alone – needless to say… more to come!!