Highlighted as one of Oprah’s favorites last year, the doll line Karito Kids has launched a new campaign that encourages girls to share how they show they care. By writing an essay of 300 words or less, kids can submit their story of how they have helped out in their local communities, and be featured on the Karito Kids website. (Download details here)

The Karito Kids line of dolls features six poseable 21″ dolls that represent children from all over the world (shown here Karito Kids – Lulu from Kenya). In addition, part of the purchase price of each doll is donated to a charity, but the cool part is, that kids get to choose which one! The dolls come with a code to be used online at the Karito Kids website. Once they activate their membership using the code, the child gets to choose which charity will receive the donation.

Karito Kids recently added 16″ soft dolls called Travel Charmers (shown here Travel Charmers Pita Goes to Brazil – Best Toy 2008 by Family Fun) to their collection and oh, are they cute. Like the original Karito Kids, 3% of the proceeds from the Travel Charmers collection go to one of four charities chosen by you.

The original Karito Kids dolls all come with books that go with their doll and her story, which makes this line of dolls even better. The Travel Charmers dolls come with a charm that can go on a Karito Kids bracelet but they also fit the Crocs style clogs.

Here is the complete collection (click on the image for ordering information):

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