Karen here and today I am sharing how I did a very simple doll head replacement. Simply by changing the dolls head I gave a damaged doll a “new life”.  One of my nieces best friends left her doll in my care and we quickly realized that her dolls hair was not going to be a simple fix. Her bangs had been cut to the root line and this was not a fix I was able to do but then I remembered that I had picked up a body-less Battat dolly a few years back that I could not leave her behind at the thrift store. I noticed that the Battat doll neck and my little friends Springfield Doll were very similar. So I set out to replace my little friend’s doll head with the one I had set out to save.

These dolls do not have a string closure like the American Girl dolls but use a “Zap Strap” Multi Purpose tie instead. I cut and removed the “Zap Strap” from the Springfield Doll’s neck. When I removed the dolls head there was a long plastic tube that I was able to remove and replace in the opening of the Battat doll’s head. I used a 14 inch “Zap Strap”, which I threaded through the now opened neck casing. I was able to purchase and entire package for $1.25 and have several more I can use for future doll rescues.

Once the head was replaced in the opening, I threaded the “Zap Strap” end through the “box” and pulled the strap tight. Once it was pulled as tight as I could, I used a pair of scissors to trim the end piece. 

Now Dolly is feeling much better and her head turns easily! She is ready to go to her forever home! I was amazed at how easy this was to do and hope that by sharing my experience with this head swap that you may be inspired to save a dolly or two yourself.