I am still debating whether to take my injured Felicity to American Girl on Friday so they can send her off to the hospital for me or whether I should just try fixing her eyelashes myself. Anyhow, Karen sent me a photo of her Samantha when she had returned from the doll hospital so I thought you might want to see her.

Doll Hospital photo

From Karen: In 2007, my then 16 year old cousin-in-law gave me her well loved Samantha who she had tried to make into a boy doll and cut off all her hair. She was in terrible shape. I sent her in a padded envelope to the Doll Hospital. Several weeks later Samantha was returned to me in a long white box wearing her signature ribbon in her long flowing hair along with a cute hospital gown and a balloon. It was so worth the money to have her fixed!

Samantha looks perfect!