Karen here and over the last few months I have been building my dolls a kitchen using items I usually recycle from around the house and Duck Tape Brand Duck Tape. Today I am continuing in my series with the Kitchen Sink! Not only will your dolls be able to “wash up” in the sink but they will be able to store items under the sink as well!

To create your own doll sized kitchen sink you will need:

  • A large Cracker Box
  • A small plastic container (washed out) like the Land O Lakes Garlic & Herb Butter Spread
  • A silver pipe cleanner
  • 3 buttons (2 for the taps and one for the drain)
  • Duck Tape Brand Duck Tape in your favorite color
  • A pen
  • Scissors
  • A ruler
  • A glue gun or glue dots to attach the buttons to your sink

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies.Tape the open part of your box closed.

Step 2- Turn your box upside down. Then in the center of the box lay your container upside down on your box and use your pen to trace around the shape of it. Remove the container and cut out the shape you just made. This is where the sink basin will sit when you are finished taping the box.


Step 3- Use your ruler to measure 2 inches from the top of your box where the sink will fit. Make a mark with your pen and then draw a line straight across the box.  Next measure the width of your box and find the middle. For my box the middle was 4.5 inches. Make a mark at the bottom and along the line you just made then draw a line. This will be where you cut to make the doors under your sink. Carefully poke your scissor tip through the line then cut up the line you created and along the lines at the 2 inch mark and along the bottom of your box. Open the flaps that are now your doors.

Step 4- Begin to cover your doors for your sink. The tape will give the doors strength. Once both doors are covered then cover the 2 inch strip left bare from where you made your cuts. Then cover the top. Remove the “sink basin” and then cut your tape and fold it under to expose the spot where your “basin” will sit. Then replace the “basin”

Step 5- Bend your pipe cleaner in half. Use a pen to make a mark where you would like your faucet to be for your sink. Use the tip of your scissors to create a hole for your pipe cleaner to slide into.  Feed the pipe cleaner into the hole. Bend the ends of the pipe cleaner out as shown above and tape into place. Bend the top of the pipe cleaner sticking up into a “Hook” shape for your faucet.

Step 6- Replace the “basin” and get your glue gun or glue dots ready to stick them into place. These are your  “taps”. Then add another glue dot or glue to the center of your basin for the drain.

Step 7- To make the “door handle pulls” cut a 6 inch strip from a different color Duck Tape, then fold it as shown in the photos above. Next fold it in half and cut it. This will make two door pulls.  Add more tape and create a small circle that your dolls hand can fit in then tape it to one of the doors, then repeat on the other side in. Now your sink is ready to play with!

I hope you have enjoyed my kitchen series. To see how I made the matching Stove and the Microwave.