Welcome Kanani! When my daughter got home from school today here Kanani doll that she wanted for her birthday had arrived. After a huge squeeeeee, she opened the box and rescued Kanani from those bands holding her in place. In addition to Kanani, we ordered her accessories – which are the dog Barksee, a beach bag, digital camera and some travel brochures/pictures. And we got her lounge chair and ottoman – oh, are they cute!!

American Girl Doll of the Year Kanani and her accessories

Kanani lounging in her new chair. The chair is fabric and such a nice size. This is one of the higher quality pieces and I think American Girl has released in a while.

Kanani's dog Barksee

Kanani’s dog Barksee and Kanani’s ottoman. Did you know that the ottoman (footstool) has a lid that comes off? Inside there is a pillow and Kanani’s diary!

American Girl of the Year 2011 Kanani close up

Close up of Kanani. She is a very pretty doll but her hair is going to be challenging since it is so long.

Kanani and Sonali

Kanani being welcomed to the doll room by Sonali from the 2009 Girl of the Year collection featuring Chrissa, Gwen and Sonali.

I am sure there will be plenty more pictures of Kanani to come and I’ll have my daughter do a book report for us on the Kanani book when she is done reading her.

What do you think of Kanani?