Kanani Is Here

Welcome Kanani! When my daughter got home from school today here Kanani doll that she wanted for her birthday had arrived. After a huge squeeeeee, she opened the box and rescued Kanani from those bands holding her in place. In addition to Kanani, we ordered her accessories – which are the dog Barksee, a beach bag, digital camera and some travel brochures/pictures. And we got her lounge chair and ottoman – oh, are they cute!!

American Girl Doll of the Year Kanani and her accessories

Kanani lounging in her new chair. The chair is fabric and such a nice size. This is one of the higher quality pieces and I think American Girl has released in a while.

Kanani's dog Barksee

Kanani’s dog Barksee and Kanani’s ottoman. Did you know that the ottoman (footstool) has a lid that comes off? Inside there is a pillow and Kanani’s diary!

American Girl of the Year 2011 Kanani close up

Close up of Kanani. She is a very pretty doll but her hair is going to be challenging since it is so long.

Kanani and Sonali

Kanani being welcomed to the doll room by Sonali from the 2009 Girl of the Year collection featuring Chrissa, Gwen and Sonali.

I am sure there will be plenty more pictures of Kanani to come and I’ll have my daughter do a book report for us on the Kanani book when she is done reading her.

What do you think of Kanani?

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  1. Where you got Ivy? At the store or online?

  2. Did anyone join Kanani and Me Contest? I did! But if I don’t win, I’m saving money to get her anyway.

  3. I love my Kanani doll! I totally recommend her to anyone! This is a doll with a beautiful face and a great story :)

  4. Is anyone on? If so, answer my question!

  5. I didn’t join the contest but I got Kanani as an early bday present from my grandma

  6. Jessica, wat do you think about the new historical? Would u want it to be western?


  8. I’m over 13. That makes me inelligible to enter and possibly win the contest.

  9. I read from an AG press website that Kanani does have a slight problem with her eyes but it is not noticable at all. They said that her left eye is bigger and a little higher than her right but you can only see that if your trying to look at it that way. I would get kanani she is very pretty! And like others said all the Jess molds are like that. American Girl would not be so popular if everyone made a big deal out of a very vvery tiny problem with there eyes. And if you are really care that much you can always put sunglasses on her.

  10. Hey Char I sent you some things can you check ur email?

  11. Mary – I have received them – haven’t had a chance to get back to you yet.

  12. i’m sure they’ll fix her eyes when they bring more kanani dolls :)

  13. i doubt it, they’e had a lot of dolls modled under the jess face mold, why would they change it just for kanani?

  14. I think I’ll wait to get Kanani in November (i think….is that when the new historical is coming out?) because I’m most likely getting a My American Girl Doll for my birthday. any reccomendations on which one i should ask for?

  15. I would love a westen doll!!!! I can not wait to see if it is one, and I hope it is. Anybody have any news about the 2011 historical other then what already?

  16. Thanks Char I hope you’ll get back with me soon! And by the way, Karis I sent Char some emails about the historical 2011 doll so you can ask Char about it (share@dolldiaries.com) or hopefully there will be some posts about them soon!

  17. I want there to be a Rachel doll too Dana! I could see her as the stylish NYC girl who loves to draw and dance ballet :)

  18. Hey guys do you think I should get Kit or Julie?

  19. Char,I’m going to send you pictures of the Dallas AG store when I go. I’ll be sure to get lots of picture of the Bistro ;-)!

  20. Any new historical dolls will be out in very early June or early to mid September. Those are the major release dates for summer/fall and winter.

    I. Want. A. New Orleans. Doll! In pretty Regency clothes! A Western doll would make me happy as she will likely be pre1900, but the NOLA girl has been hinted at long enough!

  21. this is totally hush-hush,I just e-mailed AG about the Julie movie. I hope they give me at least a little info! Keep this a totally secret :-)!

  22. I don’t want a new historical. If there is, I would want a doll from a 1920s doll from Louisiana. What is NOLA?

  23. I don’t like the idea of a western doll. Nah. They have cowgirl outfits anyway!

  24. If there is the 1920s doll, I’ll get it instead of Kanani. What is NOLA! ANSWER, PLEASE!!!

  25. New Orleans Louisiana. I heard that SO much when my youth group went there for the youth gathering. I couldn’t though; and that made me mad!

  26. I really dont want a NOLA or Western doll. I want a 1950s or 1960s!!!! With a poodle skirt!! I know that probably won’t happen but still!! :)

  27. Poodle skirts were more of a teenage thing in the 50’s.

    I just don’t want 1900s. Half of all of AG’s historical dolls come from the twentieth century. The last two dolls were from the 1900s. Please, give us something that no one alive today can remember!

  28. Lena, I agree:D AG has enough 1900 dolls/characters..

    And about the cruise..they are really expensive! Most of the events are ones you can experience at AG(*most*, not all) so they won’t be 100% special.. And $8000 room? Your parents must be reallylreally rich to buy that package…but I think you’re really lucky already by going on $3000 one.

    I’m wondering, if you have enough money to buy the room for the cruise, would you choose the cruise? You can get lot of things and 30+ dolls for 3200 dollars or something.

  29. Little change here: have=had.

  30. I checked the prices for the cruise when it was first heard about, I can afford it*, but I really don’t want to. There are other things that I really want to do more than go on a Caribbean cruise, even if you include the AG thing.

    *by this I mean I get a special trip this year because of graduation.

  31. Woops sorry I meant


  32. I got Kanani too!:) shes really great!

  33. I think they should make a pioneer doll, or a pilgrim doll. I don’t know about the pilgrim doll though, because pilgrims were really religious, and people might be offended. An 1810’s doll would be cool also.

  34. Alyssa aka (Alyssa8) says:

    Does your cousin know anything on new AG’s?

  35. Even if my cousin did know, she is contractually obligated NOT TO TELL ANYONE.

  36. My Rebecca`s dolls hair is so tangeld that I don`t know what to do and I take very good care of my doll`s hair but I`ve tried everything. Please post ideas to help me please :(

  37. Mackenzie says:

    Kanani is sooo BEAUTIFUL!!!! I read her book in 4 hours, it was really good , I loved it;) I want to get her for my B-day 1.29.11 , if I get her that means I’ll have 11 AG dolls!!;D

  38. I really hope I get Kanani. I was trying the contest but they did not let me go on it. I love kanani’s hair and eyes. She looks kind of like me except Ithe eyes. She has hazel I have brown. I ‘d rather have her than a just like you. There are no dolls with wavy shoulder length hair with brown eyes and lighter skin.

  39. If they are making a new doll it should be from the 1950s or from the 1600s the Colonial times including witch craft accusing. That would be a medal

  40. For mine no poodle skirts or that. She should be a ballet dancer or singer or sports or well maybe someone averager

  41. Winter Wish says:

    Kanani is such a gorgeous doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOVE her hazel eyes……..I’m going to get her and make her 1/3 Filipino, 1/3 Scottish, and 1/3 French. Her name will be Lauren Maria Forsyth. She grew up in France speaking French, Filipino, and Scottish and went to a fancy posh private school….oh la la!!! LOL. :) Char, is her hair easy to handle?

    :)Winter Wish :)

  42. Her hair is very long and the ends tangle easily. I recommend keeping her hair up when she is just being displayed.

  43. OK! Thanks Char. I’m going to get Josefina, Addy, Lauren (Kanani) and one other doll, who should I get????

    :) Winter Wish :)

  44. My cousin just got Kanani, she always asks for the GOTY for her birthday. I’m still undecided! Emily just carefully brush her hair out with your fingers in sections, then use a hair pick and re-curl it using your fingers.

  45. I think the Kanani doll is cute but I just got a doll for Christmas so it is hard for me to think about wanting another. Although, if the new historical doll is a 1950’s girl I am going to buy her as soon as possible.

  46. I’d love to see a 50’s or 60’s historical doll…..she would be a lot of fun!