My kids are on Spring Break this week which means my office time is going to be inconsistent at best this week – but it also means we have a little more time to just play with the dolls and be creative. Last night I was relaxing by doing doll hair. I posted some of the photos from my iPhone on to Instagram and Facebook, but took better photos today with the good camera. Enjoy!

I can not get over how gorgeous Saige looks in the retired golf/tennis outfit from AG. The light blue and white look amazing on her. All I did with her hair was take a section from each side and twist it tightly towards the back of her head and secured it with an elastic.Β 

You can see how simple but pretty that looks. I re-twirled Saige’s curls and added an owl ribbon. I just can’t get over how well these colors work on her.

Agoverseasfan did a post on her blog recently with photos of different hairstyles you can get done in the AG hair salon. The styles are anywhere from $10-40 depending on the complexity and many of them are completely do-able at home. Our Carly (Sophia’s/My Doll’s Life) also has quite a bit of curl in her hair so I thought this would be a cute style on her.

Simply start by making two small ponytails at the front of your doll’s hair. Next divide the rest into two low ponytails and secure with elastics. Make sure the elastic is not too tight because you will need to feed the braids into it. Take the individual ponytails at the front of the head and divide into two. Braid one strand and tuck it into the opposite ponytail. Braid one strand and tuck it into the pony tail on the same side. Repeat on the other side. Don’t forget to add some pretty ribbon to finish it off.

Springfield doll Maria is modeling yet another easy style that you can certainly dress up.

Simply pull the top part of her hair back into a ponytail. Divide the hair into three sections and braid. Use colorful elastics or ribbon to make it more fun.

When your hair is as pretty as Diamond’s (The Doll’s House UK), you don’t need much to dress it up. I just love Kanani’s party dress on Diamond – complete with the silver headband.

What is your favorite style to do on your doll’s hair? Β Which one of mine from today do you like best?Β