Barbie I can be architect dream house competition

The American Institute of Architects is celebrating Barbie’s new career field of architect with a fun Barbie Dream House competition. While the actual Dream House will not be produced by Mattel, the top finalists from the initial entries have been selected and you can still vote through August 1.

Barbie Dreamhouses

Above are my two favorites. But there are more and you should click over and vote for your own favorite!  According to the AIA, one of the initial designs was by a 7 year old girl who built in a room just for monsters – that way they would stay out of the other parts of the house. How cute!!

As far as the doll goes, you can pre-order BARBIE® I CAN BE…™ Architect Doll at It will be available Online 8/15/11.

I don’t know about you, but I think the design contest was a really great way to get girls interested in building design and make Barbie’s career choice more relevant.