One of our readers, Juli, sent this short but sweet report on her recent visit to American Girl Play New York:

Hi! I saw your website which I absolutely LOVE, and I noticed that you said you liked AG Place reports. I stopped into the NYC store a couple of days ago. But the trip was really short, so I really messed up a few details (i.e. location of bookstore,salon, cafe, etc.).

It was a very quick trip. I’m an eleven-year-old girl who still loves dolls, and my mom wants me to outgrow them. Naturally, she wanted to get out of the store…so we didn’t have time for photos, the hair salon, the cafe, the hospital, etc.

We zipped through the front doors and browsed the bookstore. Mom had given me a budget at the store–ONE ITEM. I already knew I was just going to get McKenna and nothing else, so I didn’t bother to pick up a book.

I wanted to see the My American Girls and their accessories. I already had a MAG…not much to see, then.

Up the escalator we went! I was thrilled by the restaurant, but Mom didn’t want to go in. Sigh. There were also little souvenir stands scattered around the place which we took notice of but did not look at in detail.

I marveled at the cute museum-esque scenes that the historical AGs were in. I liked the Ivy doll, but she looked exactly like my MAG doll, and also, I was getting McKenna,not Ivy.

Up another story…and we were greeted by a bathroom and yet another souvenir shop. I turned and saw all the McKenna stuff. I quickly picked a doll, and then me, mom, and the new addition cruised past the salon, hospital, and Bitty Babies toward the checkout.

Mom grimaced at the price…but she smiled when she saw my grin on the way home.

Juli’s beautiful new McKenna in her new home.

McKenna introduces herself to my other doll, Sierra.

Thanks Juli for your trip report! I hope you enjoy McKenna.