My daughters wanted to give Julie a party for her birthday.  Julie’s birthday is May 1, 1966.  They loved the dance set that American Girl came out with for Julie.  However, this Mom did not like the price.  Here is how I came up with a cheaper alternative, one that included a lot more bang for your buck!


I wanted a very bright and colorful background for this scene.  I did a Google search and found several wonderful pictures/posters from the seventies.  I saved each picture to my computer and then pasted into a word document.  These were edited to the size I needed, printed, and cut out.   I placed the posters on the tri-fold scene that I had previously made.  For instructions on how to make this backdrop screen please visit this site:


Julie’s adorable dress and boots are from The Queen’s Treasures.  I love the items available from this site!  They also offer some of their items on Ebay.  Check them out!! 

Ivy’s outfit is a shirt and jean set from the Springfield Dolls.  This set was purchased at Michaels.  With a coupon I paid $4.00.  I used Transfer Magic Paper and gave the shirt a colorful seventies makeover with a design I found on a Google search.  Ivy’s groovy earrings are made out of colorful feathers, beads, and thin wire.  I looped the top end of the wire around a small stud pair of AG earrings that she was already wearing.  Ivy’s necklace was a child’s necklace that I cut down to doll size with a pair of needle-nose pliers.


To add a little disco flare to the scene I found a spinning mirror ball at Party City ( for $4.99.  I was so excited to see it light up and spin around.  This is almost an exact match to AGs version at a significantly lower cost!!

A party would not be complete without treats!  My daughter’s wanted Julie’s punch to be purple since that was one of her favorite colors.  I found a desert cup at Wal-Mart that cost $1.  I have also seen these cups on and EBay.  This cup makes a perfect sized punch bowl for dolls.  The punch cups are communion cups.  I filled the bowl and cups with resin.  I always use Easy Cast resin kits found at Michaels.  The dye is a combination of Casting Craft translucent red and blue pigments.  I usually purchase these from  You can always use food coloring for your pigment but the color is not as true.  The plates are from an appetizer kit found at Target over the Christmas holiday.  The ladle was made from a spoon in this set.  I briefly ran a flame under the part I wanted to bend to make it soften.  Two brisk runs are usually enough.  Bend immediately because the plastic hardens very fast.  ALWAYS do this with an adult’s approval and supervision.  I also put resin in the ladle to add a little more detail.

For instructions on how to make the rice crispy treats, please see this link:

For instructions on how I make my treat stands please look at this link: