Julie’s New VW and Car Wash Set

American Girl Julie VW

According to quite a few readers Julie is getting a new VW and there will  be a new car wash set and outfits for Julie and Ivy. This photo is featured on the back of the American Girl magazine and was posted on the American Girl Facebook page (thanks for the heads up Lena).

I am assuming this will be part of the holiday release in September. I can’t imagine how much Julie’s VW will cost, but I can honestly say, that is the cutest AG accessory I have seen in a LONG time. I may be putting this whole set on MY Christmas list.

More details as we have them.

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  1. Char she is so sweet and kind looking my dad even likes her! I will think of something creative to do with her for the picture. I see her as being indian i named her Balwinder (pronounced Bell-winder)

  2. Wow! secondie, if their stuff wasn’t SO much now i would now i would get it! But can’t you just see it priced at like 300…

  3. on the last page second XD

  4. Is it Really true that the car will be $350? It sounds like the whole car-washing collection can be that much, not just the car!

  5. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I kinda like Julie’s outfit

  6. NikkiBear98 says:

    Omg, when I saw this in my ag magazine me and my friend literally screamed! I really hope this is in my budget!

  7. I agree that Julie’s car is really cool, but what about the other historical characters? I cant wait to see what they get! I wonder if their new releases will be as major as Julies……?!??!
    Can’t wait for June 28th :)

  8. I’m going to say that the car wash set is $35 and the car is $275.

  9. ^According to my PS, its one set for $350, but she did say 2 dolls can fit in it.

  10. Target has a jeep! $33.00!!!! She is thrilled with it. The VW is very cute.

  11. Ferrin/ Glamourousdollies says:

    I like Julie’s outfit! (probably cause I’m a Southern Girl) Not that crazy for Ivy’s? I really like the car and I have a thing for VW’s but not for $350! I could care less for the car wash set and I bet you its gonna be at least $30- 55 dollars!

  12. I just wish that everything was fairly priced! ^.^

    But at AG’s Standards, $350 is a bit cheap. Maybe $400 or $500 is a little more expected. IDK.

  13. ^Not when Lanie’s camper was $295 only 2 years ago.

  14. Lynn Strandberg says:

    My hubby has purchased REAL VW bugs for that price;0)

  15. I LOVE SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH:):):):):)::):):):

  16. Pretty Irish AG says:

    The car would be cool. Next thing I know, my dad and I would build a camper to attach to it, with wheels that move of course.

  17. Hi everyone. I know everybody wants the car. So I decided I would help. I found some cute and affordable doll cars online.

    Here is one from My Dolls Life. It is a beach cruiser.
    http://www.doll-clothes.com/4×4-beach-cruiser.html It is 69 Dollars

    Here is the cutest car I have seen so far.
    http://www.target.com/p/our-generation-four-wheel-drive/-/A-13407856 And it’s only 33 Dollars! And it has some pretty good ratings.

  18. ^Having driven both a Jeep and a VW before, personally I would never buy my dolls a Jeep. And I hate both those colors. And having seen the TRU Jeep in person (right before someone snached it up), I can say that it was very cheeply made from thin plastic.

    However, those cars are ALWAYS sold out at both my local Targets and the TRUs near me, and I think that’s why AG made a car, to get in on that market.

  19. Isabelle says:

    cool how did you make the car

  20. How cute! I feel like AG is going back to there old selves :-) So, I e-mailed AG about Caroline Abbot, just asking them if she is going to have red hair, and they replied with:

    “Dear American Girl friend,

    Thank you for your question. We know you are excited to learn more
    about our new historical character, however we do not have any
    information to share with you at the present time.

    Please keep checking our Facebook page, our website, and our catalogues
    for the latest information. We know it is sometimes hard to wait, but
    we must ask you to be patient a little longer.

    Thanks again for writing!” Hm, I’m thinking that maybe, there not sure what shes going to look like…so many questions, but I guess I’ll just go on their facebook :-)

  21. just buy a build a bear one

  22. Whoa,$300! That’s a lot :-( But I can save 😉

  23. We have the Build a Bear car – I’ll have to use it in an upcoming photo shoot.

  24. I hope Caroline has red hair!!!! Hey Char, do you think we could have a contest where we color and draw in her silhouette for how we think she will look? Just a thought :-)

  25. Emma – I like the idea but would have to get an ok from AG first and that is not happening.

  26. AGunicorndolphins says:

    Someone said on the ag site in the comments that they called ag its and ITS $350!!! :O

  27. Julie is also soon going to have a movie called, Julie: An American Girl Musical. It will be in theaters.
    I read it on wikipedia, it said TBA.

  28. Ella – there was talk of a Julie movie long ago – around 2009, but we have not heard anything recently about the concept.

  29. ^That. The Julie movie had two artic,les about it, and was never heard of again. You can’t trust everything you read of Wikipedia.

    I also cofirmend with my PS (which I think I’ve said already) that its $350.

  30. Char-Wait, was it okay for me to post the reply from the AG question I sent them? I didn’t even think about getting an ‘okay’ from them first.

  31. ^Considering its a form letter that they send to everyone who asks a question like that, I’d say yes, it was OK to post their reply to you.

  32. I wish they would make a doll that looks like me- straight Medium brown hair NO BANGS, Greenish/ Hazel eyes, light tan skin.

  33. Lena-Okay, thanks ^.^!

  34. Char- But when I searched up McKenna Shoots for the Stars on wikipedia, there was a link to see all of the AG movies (on wikipedia still) and on the list was, Julie: An American Girl Musical. Then it said TBA and that it is going to be coming in theaters.

  35. ^Again, you can’t trust everything you read on Wiki. There has been no sign that the movie is being made since 2009.

  36. ya anyone can write that i am going to ag soon want me to take a picture of anything

  37. Here’s what I got from AG when I asked them if the Julie movie is on hiatus:


    Thank you for your interest in our Julie character. Unfortunately, any
    entertainment ideas based on the Julie character are still just
    that…ideas. While we are always exploring new entertainment
    opportunities, there are no official plans or partnerships to announce
    at this time. Of course we will keep our fans posted if anything should
    change in the future. Until then, we appreciate your enthusiasm for
    American Girl!


    American Girl Customer Service

  38. Jenny-Aw,I was hoping there was going to be a Julie movie. But thanks for getting the details on it!

  39. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Again, I know I’ve posted this twice already, but I don’t think I can be in the Julie movie. My acting and singing are great (according to yoga teachers Frances and Lara)*, but I don’t make the cut on height alone.

    *To Frances and Lara: If you read this, I know you two would give me a talking to at the studio. I’m ready, chide me!

  40. Pretty Irish AG-If you don’t mind my asking, how tall are you? Anyways, I can’t act but I can sing and dance. I wish I could audition but I don’t look like Julie :-(

  41. Pretty Irish AG says:

    @M would rather not answer

  42. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I could be Robin (Berkley Grad Student at Randall Museum), one of Tracey’s friends, or April (Julie’s cousin), but that it.

  43. do you think that is to pricey I mean I would get it but it is too much money

  44. Pretty Irish AG says:

    If we directed the Julie movie, who would be which character?

    My List:
    Jennifer Lawrence as Tracy
    Ingrid Michaelson as Julie’s Mom
    Lara (My yoga teacher) as Mrs Duncan
    Myself as Robin Young
    Imogen Heap as Ms Hunter

    Any other suggestions?

  45. Carol Abbott says:

    Why are these dolls driving a car? Aren’t they supposed to be around 8 – 12 year olds? This is just a plight to get you to spend more money. The car is more suitable for Barbie. Next thing you know, they’ll have a A.G. Dream House and an A.G. RV and a boy friend like Ken.