Julie is one of our favorite American Girl historical characters, and while I know we will not complete her collection as we have already missed quite a few of her items that have been retired, I am picking up items from her collection as they go on sale. For example, in a recent American Girl Spotlight Sale they had Julie’s Floral Jumpsuit on sale for $23 instead of its normal price of $28. I know, not a huge savings, but any savings is better than none 😉

American Girl Julie Floral Jumpsuit

Julie’s Floral Jumpsuit is a pretty basic outfit in the sense that it consists of the cream colored turtleneck with zipper and the very floral jumpsuit complete with an attached belt, flared pants and front seams down the legs. It is very accurate for Julie’s time frame – yes, I think I had one very similar to it when I was about 8 or so.

The table, terrarium and cup are from Julie’s Room Accessories which are now retired. The record player is from her Sound Accessories which you can still buy.

American Girl Julie Floral Jumpsuit

Julie would like to listen to some music this afternoon. I just love how the sun was coming in the window in this photo.

American Girl Julie Floral Jumpsuit

Now to relax and day dream while listening to some groovy tunes!

I am glad we got this outfit, but am glad I waited for it to go on sale. The material is nice and thick and it is well made, but the outfit doesn’t even come with shoes – she wears the sandals from her meet outfit with it.

Which is your favorite outfit from Julie’s collection? I love her Calico Dress (which we have) but would like to get her Dog Walking outfit next.