Julie’s Floral Jumpsuit

Julie is one of our favorite American Girl historical characters, and while I know we will not complete her collection as we have already missed quite a few of her items that have been retired, I am picking up items from her collection as they go on sale. For example, in a recent American Girl Spotlight Sale they had Julie’s Floral Jumpsuit on sale for $23 instead of its normal price of $28. I know, not a huge savings, but any savings is better than none 😉

American Girl Julie Floral Jumpsuit

Julie’s Floral Jumpsuit is a pretty basic outfit in the sense that it consists of the cream colored turtleneck with zipper and the very floral jumpsuit complete with an attached belt, flared pants and front seams down the legs. It is very accurate for Julie’s time frame – yes, I think I had one very similar to it when I was about 8 or so.

The table, terrarium and cup are from Julie’s Room Accessories which are now retired. The record player is from her Sound Accessories which you can still buy.

American Girl Julie Floral Jumpsuit

Julie would like to listen to some music this afternoon. I just love how the sun was coming in the window in this photo.

American Girl Julie Floral Jumpsuit

Now to relax and day dream while listening to some groovy tunes!

I am glad we got this outfit, but am glad I waited for it to go on sale. The material is nice and thick and it is well made, but the outfit doesn’t even come with shoes – she wears the sandals from her meet outfit with it.

Which is your favorite outfit from Julie’s collection? I love her Calico Dress (which we have) but would like to get her Dog Walking outfit next.

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  1. Wow, firstie again! Her room accesories are retired? Poo :- (

  2. Secondie I didn’t know that they retired that. that stinks oh and my favorite Julie outfit is her new patchwork outfit:)

  3. That picture with the sun hitting her face is gorgeous! The jumpsuit brings out Julie’s eyes, in my opinion. It is very pretty but the only thing I don’t like about it is that the sandals are so fat and the zipper is huge. That’s only my opinion but overall, cool!

  4. Oh and secondie!

  5. Kaylee – that’s 70s fashion for you 😉

  6. I think it looks really cute on Julie!

    But I would never get in in MY size 😉

  7. I like her basketball uniform.

  8. My favourite Julie outfit is the car wash outfit or the Christmas dress.

  9. My favorite outfit is definitly the calico outfit! I’ve always wanted it but it’s always been out of stock

  10. I love Julie and my favorite outfit is probably her Birthday dress (which I have), calico dress, or the 2-in-one summer outfit. And her Christmas dress :)

  11. LOL, Char, I guess you’re right!

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  13. Christmas outfit and jumpsuit
    It’s so 70s 😀

  14. Megan!!!!!!! says:

    i love the patch-work dress. i think its super cute!!!

  15. I like Julie. She’s really pretty. But all of my dolls are blond, and Samantha is leaving for florida in december.

  16. I love most of julie’s collection, it looks so much like the clothes in the photos of my mom when she was younger. I love the floral jumpsuit but my fav is her carwash outfit, I had a top like that when I was really young. My next purchase though will be her bike, since everytime we see it, my mom reminds me that she had one identical to it 😉

  17. I love Julie’s Dog Walking outfit and her Christmas dress. : )

  18. I have the floral jumpsuit and I have it. I also got it on sale. That and the 2 in 1 Summer outfit are my favorites. The swimsuit is really cute, but I’m disappointed that it no longer comes with the shorts and hoodie. It’s the same price, but now it’s not even a 2 in 1 outfit anymore.

  19. Oops I mean I have the floral jumpsuit and I love it. Sorry!

  20. i do not have julie but i love her summer skirt set

  21. I got that outfit for Christmas last year. I love it!

  22. I personally love her Christmas outfit, and I know it isn’t Julie’s but I love Ivy’s romper!!!! It is sooo cute in my opinion!

  23. i like the new skirt she has. but i LOVE her bed! her little 45’s r so cute!

  24. I don’t think the side table and accessories are retired. It was there a week ago.

  25. I checked the ag website they are gone

  26. Its been on the chopping block for a while, according to my PS.

  27. is no one on this website or something

  28. My favorite is he rCalico dress also. I love the funky print.

  29. I also think this outfit should come with shoes— some people buy it but don’t have Julie.

  30. sophie t – I think a lot of our readers are at school right now…

  31. can you show us julies colection of stuff

  32. Sophie – I will try to do a photo shoot soon with all of the Julie stuff we have. I should probably do that by doll.

  33. Oh that’s a good idea Char! I think I will do that!

  34. Char, what’s your favorite AG outfit?

  35. Nina, that is a tough question! Right now, the Lacrosse Outfit is my favorite for the MyAGs.

  36. I have the lacrosse outfit! I love the tiny orange ball and the mouth gards!

  37. not a huge fan of the seventies style, not for my doll haha but it looks so pretty on julie!

  38. I agree with u, Char!