Many of you are familiar with JGKelsey of My Journey Girls Adventures, and I am happy to announce that JGKelsey is joining the Doll Diaries team as a regular contributor now!


Winter can be bitter cold, but with the cold comes snow, and snow can be lots of fun, especially with the right toys. This past September Journey Girls released a “Winter Adventure Set” complete with a snowboard, a pair of skis, a pair of ski poles, two clear rubber straps, a helmet with attached goggles, decorative stickers, and a snow outfit with snow pants, a hooded jacket, and a pair of snow boots. Journey Girls items don’t always fit American Girl dolls, since the Journey Girls are slightly skinnier. Everything in this set fits, except for the boots.

Journey Girls Snowboard Set

The jacket has a soft pink jersey liner with a purple polyester shell. Purple, pink, and blue circles of varying sizes decorate the entire shell. The jacket fastens straight up the front with Velcro. It has a high collar to help keep the cold out. When you doll doesn’t have her helmet on, she can pull up the hood to keep warm.

Journey Girls Winter Adventure Set

The snow pants also have a pink jersey liner, with bright pink cotton outside. On the back of the pants are fabric pieces sewn to look like the top flaps of pockets. The pants are snug on Alexis (my doll), but weren’t a struggle to get on. The snow pants won’t be able to go on the outside of the boots though. One thing to note with Journey Girls clothes is they can vary in size a little from outfit to outfit, sometimes even varying between identical outfits.

Journey Girls set vs American Girl set

Overall the outfit is made very well, with no loose seams or threads, and good quality materials. The jacket is comparable to the American Girl snowboard outfit that was retired last year. They both have similar linings and outer shell. The snow pants are more like Our Generation, still great quality, just not quite the same as American Girl’s snow pants.

The snowboard is made of a nice thick aqua colored plastic with a glossy finish. Unlike the American Girl snowboard, the Journey Girls snowboard is one solid color. It comes with stickers so that you can decorate your board however you would like to. I also added swirls to my board with a paint pen, just to give it some more pop.

The bindings on the snowboard are a black rubber, with a high heel and a non-movable strap. The non-movable strap makes getting boots into the bindings a bit of a challenge. Nice thing is that also makes it hard for the board to fall off. American Girls snowboard has plastic binding rather than rubber and the strap can rotate to make it easier for the boots to go in and out.

Snowboards for Dolls

Safety is always important, so it’s nice that a helmet is included. It’s much more rounded than the American Girl helmet, making it sit higher on the Alexis’s head. The chinstrap is Velcro, which is a bit hard to fasten under the chin and make it tight, but it does a good job of holding the helmet on. The goggles are big. They are attached to the helmet in the back by a strap, so that they don’t slide off. Unfortunately, it’s not a snap (like on the American Girl helmet) so you can’t take the goggles all the way off. It is nice that the goggles lenses are clear, rather than the dark black of the American Girl lenses.

Snowboards for Dolls

If your doll isn’t a big snowboarder, she can try out the skis that come with this set. They are made of the same thick plastic as the snowboard but are a dark pink/mauve color instead of blue. The bindings are the same rubber as the ones on the snowboard, with the same issues as well. There is not much to the ski poles, just poles with handles. The solution to keep the poles in the dolls hands is interesting though.

Journey Girl Doll Skis

Journey Girls started putting thick clear bands in their sets that have items that the doll would need to hold. So you will find these bands in sets with an umbrella, tennis racket, ski poles, etc. They are awesome! The band is two loops, one slightly larger than the other, with a flat rubber part in the middle. Think of an elongated figure 8 and you can picture what the band looks like. It does a much better job of holding things in the dolls hand than the ouch less binders. The only bummer…they are much more visible, as you can see from my photos. Great for play though!

Journey Girls Dolls

Is the set worth it? Yes! At about $25, this is a great set. If you were not able to get the American Girl snowboard set (actually sets – the board, boots and helmet were one set, and the jacket, mittens, snow pants, and socks were a separate set) this is a great alternative. Just know that the pants will be snug, you’ll have to borrow or buy boots, and there are no mittens to keep those hands warm in the set. But you do get a snowboard and skis. And the neat little bands!

Journey GIrls Snowboard Set

Other outfit pieces in the photos:

  • The pink boots Alexis is wearing are an Our Generation shoe pack. The blue mittens are from The Queen’s Treasures.
  • Samantha (the blonde American Girl doll that is skiing) is wearing an Our Generation outfit, with boots from an OG shoe pack, and mittens from The Queen’s Treasures.

Journey GIrls Snowboard Set

So…what do you think? Is this a set that you are interested in? If you have it how do you like it?