In a previous post we showed how the 2014 Journey Girls got an update, but we did not show you the impact to this change, so let’s take a look….

The new fuller body in the 2014 Journey Girls doll collection allows for outfits from other manufactures to fit.  Here Meredith is wearing the new retro swimsuit from Our Generation.  The swimsuit is not as tight fitting as it is on the AG or OG dolls but it does fit.  The shoes are a little wide but they too fit.

The Journey Girl doll collection went to Paris last year and this year they are in London.  Here Meredith is wearing the OG outfit as she remembers her trip to Paris.  Meredith wears the dress, cape and tights perfectly.  The original shoes from the OG set do not fit, so she wears black shoes from another JG outfit set.  Her little dog brings her the purse she left on the couch.

Meredith is enjoying her tray of food: noodles and fruits, etc.  She is wearing a relaxing outfit from the Bitty Baby collection from AG.  This outfits fits very nicely, including the shoes.  Some of the AG outfits now fit the Journey Girls with fuller body, but stay away from outfits that have items that go around the waist.  The waist in the JG dolls is still not as full as the AG doll waist.

Here is a surprise for those who like to sew.  Yes,  several Simplicity patterns are using the new Journey Girls as models for the 18″ patterns.  These patterns are made for 18″ dolls in general so by using the Journey Girls doll as models it is an indication the the full body JG dolls have changed.  Here are several very cute retro outfits.

Here are modern patterns, again using the JG dolls as models.

Want to party?  Here is a selection of party dresses that can also be used as a princess dress.

Just released!  Frozen 18″ doll patterns and they too used the Journey Girl dolls as model.  Do you recognize Meredith as Elsa and Kelsey as Anna, they sure look the part!

The Journey Girl doll collection is moving away from the slim/slender body in order to be more competitive in the 18″ line of dolls, so I am sure we will see more changes next year.

Fun Facts:
1. Meredith from the new 2014 Journey Girls collection, fuller body.
2. Dog is from American Girl and is poseable with a magnet on the mouth to hold items.  This breed is only found at Costco Club and not at the American Girl store.
3.  Food tray is part of the new Our Generation Accessories pack named : Our Generation Home Accessory-Luggage Set
4. Simplicity pattern pictures are from the internet but I own all these patterns, since Joann Fabrics had the Simplicity patterns on sale for 5 for $5 for Veteran’s Day.