What a surprise to find this new item as part of the Journey Girl collection, a Pony Set.  Let’s check it out….

The back  of the box shows Meredeth with the pony.

Maria (Lily Ria from Espari) took Rosey to the park, it was such a beautiful day.  Rosey is all plastic and has a very nice long hair mane and tail.

A close up of Rosey, she comes with her saddle and bridle and a brush to brush her mane and tail. Her ears are made of a very soft plastic, while her body is hard plastic. She can not be posed but does comes with a very nice pose.

Here is the back side showing the very nice long tail which I braided.

Hi said Isabelle as she saw Maria and the new pony.  Hi Isabelle, said Maria, come take a look at Rosey.  My parents got her for my Christmas birthday.   I have been wanting a pony for such a long time.  Look at how soft her mane is and she loves to have it brushed.

A very close up of Rosey’s face, the shiny hard plastic picks up light reflections. Maria can hold the horse brush and shows Isabelle how to brush Rosey’s head bands.

I love your dress, Isabelle, said Maria.   I got it as a Christmas present from my friend Carly, said Isabelle.  The Metallic dress is part of Isabelle’s collection and fits very nice.  I like the look of the belt with the buckle in the back.

A close up of  Maria who is part of the new Espari collection found at Barnes N Nobles.  She has the brown-greenish eyes and dark curly brown hair.  Her body is that of the older version of the Journey Girl, but she is sturdy.

As Journey Girl expands the collection, I wonder what other surprises they will have for us?  What would you like to see?

Fun Facts:
1. After  the holiday sales, special discounts and awards points, Rosey turned out to cost less then $7.00, so I could not pass on this bargain.
2. Maria who’s real name is Lily Ria  from the Espari collection was also on sale at Barnes & Nobles, and I really like her.  I found her to be the  best out of the three in the collection.