Journey Girl collection likes to surprise us and while NY Toy Fair is going on, new items pop up at our local Toys R Us.  Last year I found the brand new spring outfits at the NY Toys R Us,  so this year while I am not at NY Toy Fair, I stopped at my local Super TRU store.  What is a surprise I found!

Do you remember Mikaella from the 2014 Holiday Special Edition?  Look at her closely……

She is the NEW Girl for 2015 in the Journey Girl collection.  Her hair style is a little different, here she has a side braid.  Her face mold and eye color are the same.   I love her spring dress.

A closer look at her face.  I did not purchase her because I had purchased the 2014 Special Edition at a great price when she was on sale.   The new doll is $39.99 just like the other ones in the collection.

Her shoes are adorable and not made out of plastic.

Now I wondered why JG came out with a kitchen with an oven and now it is revealed, Mikaella loves to cook and bake.  I am wondering if JG is starting a true collection with items to support the girls in their travels.  Looks like Italy will be the place to go in 2015.

In support of my theory here is the back of the box, showing what the JG girls will be wearing in 2015.  I love the shoes, can you tell what makes an outfit for me?  My favorite place in the entire world…ITALY!

Also new in the furniture category is a storage cabinet and night stand. It also comes with a lamp for the nightstand.  It is white just like the rest of the bedroom set.

I like the fact that the night stand can fit inside the storage cabinet if you need to put it away.

The storage cabinet rotates, and on one side there is a mirror and on the other side it has hooks and a chalk board to leave messages.  I really like this and it is reasonably priced at $29.99.

An other new item is the Beach Summer Set which comes with cooler, beach ball, sunblock, ice cream, beach towel, folding chair and umbrella, for $16.99.

A closer look at cooler, sun block and ice cream, all made out of hard plastic. The beach towel is nice.

Cooler opens and has plenty of  room for storage

Folding chair is all plastic and the umbrella clips on to the top.  The folding chair material is made out of  nylon and has Velcro that attaches to the chair frame, so if you would like to replace it, you can.

I like the different settings on the folding chair and it works just like a real lounge chair.

Now we test the folding chair with the doll, but first the JG girl’s hands can hold the ice cream without rubber bands.

Here Mikaella is sitting back.

Here she is getting ready to use a little sunblock and sits forward. Again holding the sunblock without any rubber bands.  The chair can hold her weight.

So I tested the chair with Libby (Lola from Kidz n Cats doll), and I like how she fits and sits better in the folding chair.  Here is a play scene where Mikaella comes to the park and sees Libby relaxing with her kitty cat.  “Want to play ball?” asked Mikaella.

So far JG continues to impress me and I will be on the watch for a TRU sale on JG to bring home the storage cabinet.  If the outfits pictured on the back of the box and the one Mikaella is wearing are any indication of what is yet to come, I am looking to the change of introducing light colorful outfits and doing away with the black and dark colors.

What would you like to see in the Journey Girl collection?

Fun Facts:
1. Pictures were taken at the TRU store so there is a little glare from the lights.
2. The opinions above are mine and do not necessarily reflect those of Doll Diaries.