Gotz produced many play dolls which were sculpted by famous artists.  One of my favorite face molds was created by Sissel Skille for Gotz, which are now retired and very sought after by young and old.  Let’s take a look …..

Who can she be?   Beautiful auburn hair and brown eyes.

Her name is Josephine the Prima Ballerina, a Gotz play doll, now retired.  She came wearing a beautiful Ballerina outfit but she soon became part of her new family.

Josephine invited her friends over for a play date.  Each of  her friends were to bring their dolls.  Cristy came riding her standup tricycle, the girls laughed when they saw Cristy’s doll riding on the tricycle.

Am I late? asked Cristy.  No said Hannah, I just arrived myself.   I brought Boo so he could play with Sandy,  Amy’s dog.  Sandy was barking at Boo,  she was so happy to see him again.

Amy and Josephine both answered, we were waiting for you.  Look said Josephine, my mom fixed us some treats and drinks.

Cristy wanted to show her friends her new doll.  After getting off her standup tricycle,  she got her new doll, she loved her so much.  It was a gift from her father.

Cristy said  “Look what my dad gave me for my birthday.   She came all the way from London and her name is Mimi.   I love her strawberry hair”.   The girls all agreed Mimi was adorable.  Now they all could play with their dolls.

The girls had a fun play day.  They wanted a picture for their photo album, so Josephine’s mom took a group picture.

After the girls left, Josephine sat on the banister to wait for the deer to come.  Josephine loves to see the deer when they come visit, but where can they be today?

Fun Facts:
1. All the dolls were manufactured by Gotz.  Hannah and Amy (red head)  are not retired but are sold in Europe or eBay. Check My Doll Best Friend website.  Cristy and Josephine are both retired.
2. All props are part of my doll collection.
3. Mini dolls are Gotz mini dolls, Cristy’s mini doll is from Corelle.