Diana is at it again! She has rescued an American Girl Josefina.


For several years I have looked at the American Girl Josefina, but never wanted to purchase her with the American Girl label on her neck.  I wanted my historical doll collection of the original Pleasant Company to be that of the dolls that were manufactured under the name of Pleasant Company.  I have so far succeeded in having Molly, Emily, Kirsten, Samantha and Nelly.  So I have waited for the right “Josefina” and the time came yesterday.  I looked at Craigslist and a post had just been posted for Josefina, she belonged to her original owner who got her when she was young in 1997.  She was hardly played with and still had her original meet outfit and hairdo. She is so, so beautiful!  So here it goes, I got her for $50.  Take a look….

Josefina goes to the tropics and enjoys a walk on the beach.  Look, she spots a Tiki stand selling smoothies. Josefina loves the sea breeze and is a refreshing setting from her hot homeland.

Close up of Josefina.  She truly has a beautiful face.

Josefina will now join the historical adventures for the mini stories sent to Doll Diaries.