Each year my new America Girl GOTY gets several pieces of  jewelry, Grace was the lucky one this year.   As I look over her collection at the different outfits she would wear, I create appropriate matching jewelry.  Let’s check it out!

We need to start with supplies and tools.  Some of the supplies I selected are small red beads, pink crystals, a chain and charms of French landmarks.   I found the supplies at Micheal’s Craft and Joann Fabrics & Crafts.  The tools I use are pointed chain nose pliers, the stretchy .05 mm clear string, small link chains and closures for necklaces.  I always use jewelry glue on the knot when closing the stretchy string.  Let it dry at least 24 hours before putting the jewelry on the doll and cut the extra strings.  I love to use the stretchy string for bracelets because it stretches over all sizes of  hands if the jewelry is used on different dolls.

With the supplies I bought I was able to create these three jewelry pieces and I still had supplies leftover.   The necklace has an Eiffel  Tower found at Micheal’s in a pack of  three charms,  it was the smallest Eiffel Tower I found.  The red and silver necklace goes with Grace’s City outfit which has not made it to my collection yet.   It holds the Arc de Triomphe charm, which is the entrance to the finest shops in Paris.  Grace takes a walk through Champs-Elysées as she visits the stores.  The pink crystal bracelet is for Grace’s Party outfit which also has not made it to my collection.

Grace loves to wear her new jewelry and she is sure to get some more as her travels take her to different places and her wardrobe increases.

Will you be creating  jewelry for your dolls?