Ivy Would Like You to Meet Ana Ming

Ever since I got my Carpatina slim body 18″ doll Erin, I have been checking out the Carpatina sale page hoping to pick up another one of their beautiful dolls at a discounted price. I have been patient, and wouldn’t you know it, last week they put one of their display Ana Ming’s on the sale page. Lucky me! She arrived this week and Ivy would like to introduce you to her “cousin Ana”.

Carpatina Ana Ming and American Girl Ivy Ling

Ana Ming is a true beauty! She has waist length black hair, deep brown eyes and very dainty features. She comes dressed in her gold brocade dress with blue “frog” closures and matching shoes. Ivy is wearing a red brocade dress from DreamWorld Collections. Ivy is very happy that her cousin Ana has come to stay and she has invited her to lunch so the two of them can get caught up.

Carpatina Ana Ming and American Girl Ivy Ling

Ivy suggested they pose side by side so you can see the detail in Ana Ming’s dress and shoes and so that you can see they are the same height but Ana is thinner than Ivy – so Ana could borrow some of Ivy’s clothes, but Ivy won’t be able to wear Ana’s dress. Ana is “older” than Ivy – you can definitely see it in her face.

Carpatina Ana Ming and American Girl Ivy Ling

While they are waiting for their rice and steamed vegetables to arrive, Ivy explains how things work around here – that getting to hang out and be photographed at this table is a big honor, how the Ellowyne’s think they are all that and keep trying to steal the spotlight, how the doll apartment in Natalie’s room is coming along nicely and that all the girls in the doll room are super nice!

Carpatina Ana Ming and American Girl Ivy Ling

And then Ana Ming asked Ivy about her dear friend Erin, who came here from Carpatina ages ago. Ivy assured Ana Ming that Erin was doing well and even gave Erin a call to let her know that Ana Ming had arrived.

Carpatina Erin, Ana Ming and American Girl Ivy Ling

Erin came down to reunite with her dear friend Ana Ming! Ana noted that Erin was not wearing one of her Carpatina outfits to which Erin said, yeah, and went on to explain how the dolls here swap clothes all the time and are always getting to model something new.

Carpatina Ana Ming

Erin and Ana Ming side by side. As you can see Erin and Ana have different faces – their lips are the same and their noses are similar, but their eyes and the shape of their faces is different.  They look like great friends and Ana Ming is already asking if she can go try on some new clothes in the doll room.

Carpatina Ana Ming

And here is Ana Ming posing by the Orchids a dear friend of mine gave me yesterday. I just thought they looked good together.

Welcome Ana Ming!!

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  1. firstie! She’s so pretty!

  2. Secondie! I love Ana’s dress! And she does look really nice by those orchids. :)


  4. Anastasia says:

    Ana is very lovely and so is her outfit. : )

  5. Welcome A Ming!! I lovE her ivy and Erin’s outfits!!

  6. She is so beautiful! My A.G.s have a dress like Ana’s, but when I got home, I found out they couldn’t get it over their head! The neck was to small. Bo-who.

  7. caroline says:

    Welcome Ana! I am caroline and I have the dolls Mckenna and Gracie (a MYAG with brown hair, freckles and light skin.

  8. She is very beautiful!

  9. I like Ana better than Erin the picture’s are cute

  10. Congrats! Ana Ming is so pretty! I ordered a Karito Kid doll last week, she came today. There will be pictures!

  11. Mia – oooh, please share those photos with us. I have not seen a Karito Kid doll in real life yet, so lots of pictures have to do for now.

  12. Welcome home, Ana! She is such a gorgeous doll; I love your pictures of her! And I am sorely tempted to get Oneca one of those pretty cheongsams for herself. 😉

  13. Thanks Lisa. Oneca would love one – she told me herself! 😉

  14. Welcome, Ana!