Summer weekends are for cookouts, pool time, camping, hanging out with friends and fun! Our great friend JGKelsey has shared her doll’s barbecue with us.


Madison is super excited for today. She has invited some of her friends over for a barbeque. It is going to be so much fun having everyone over, eating good food, and playing games. And the weather couldn’t be better: 85 degrees and sunny!

Madison sets the table with baskets and snacks for people as they arrive.

“Hi Samantha!” Madison eagerly says as she welcomes Samantha.

“How’s it going?” Samantha responds.

“Awesome. I’m so glad you came,” says Madison. “Come on over and get some food. The hot dogs, hamburgers and corn on the cob will be off the grill in a few minutes.”

Samantha checked out the food at the table as Chavonne and Mikaella showed up.

“Hey Madison,” Chavonne says.

Coming over to greet them, Madison welcomes, “Hey ladies! Come on grab some food…”

Mikaella interrupts, “Is that ‘bags’?”

“Yep”, Madison replies.

“Come on Chavonne. I’ll totally beat you in a game of bags.” Mikaella says as she runs over to the boards and grabs the beanbags.

Chavonne and Mikaella play a game of beanbags with Samantha looking on as Madison finishes up grilling the food. Mikaella ends up winning the game just as Madison hollers, “Foods ready everyone!”

She brings the food to the table and everyone digs in.

“Ummm…this is awesome Madison! Thanks so much.” says Samantha.

Mikaella and Chavonne agree, thanking Madison too. The girls eat their food and talk about all the things they have been doing this summer. When Samantha and Madison finish, Madison challenges Samantha to a game of horseshoes.

Samantha has some beginners luck, beating Madison pretty badly. But the score doesn’t matter; they both had a great time.

“Let’s play a game of bags…all four of us!” suggests Chavonne.

“That sounds like a great idea!” Exclaims Madison.

So the girls pair up; Samantha and Madison on one team and Chavonne and Mikaella on the other. They go back and forth, laughing and sipping on pop as they play. Eventually Chavonne and Mikaella win the game.

“Wow…you are good at this game.” Madison says patting Mikaella on the back.

“This is an awesome barbeque!” declares Samantha. And all of them agree.

Mikaella and Chavonne are Journey Girls. All of the dolls are wearing a mismatch of outfits, most made of Our Generation and Springfield components. Madison is wearing the very stylish Doll Diaries t-shirt! The table and chairs are a Journey Girls set. The bag toss is a tabletop game from Target (they came out at Christmas time).

The barbeque set is new from Our Generation. It is super cute. It comes with two hotdogs and buns, three ears of corn, two checkered paper plates, two bottles of pop, a basket of chicken, three horseshoes and a pole, a harmonica, a bandana, a set of tongs, a little grill, and a sign for “Country and Western BBQ”. Very neat set. The only downside is that the grill is very short…everything else is awesome!