You are in for a real “tasty treat” with this fun Ice Cream parlor complete with printables thanks to Christian Homeschooler!


Hello!  My guest post will show you how to make an ice cream shop for your doll.  The most important part is the ice cream freezer, so I’ll start with that.  For the freezer you need two(or three) large plastic strawberry containers.

Cut an opening in one of the plastic containers(on green dotted line).  The space in there will be for the ice cream.

Next you’ll want to attach the containers.  I stacked them so that the bottom of each container was on top.  Later, I attached another strawberry container on the bottom of the stack.  I used aqua duct tape to attach them, and then put more strips(of aqua and white) below that one to make a striped pattern.

The next thing you need for your shop is ice cream tubs.  I used toilet paper rolls(cut in half) and finger paint containers.  You could use any cardboard tube(from plastic wrap, aluminum foil, etc.), though.  To make it look like an ice cream tub, I wrapped white duct tape around the outside.  Also make sure to seal the bottom!

You can’t have an ice cream shop without ice cream, so here is an easy way to make some ice cream scoops.  You’ll need some Sculpey clay in various colors, depending on what flavors you want.  If you want to save on clay, take a small ball of aluminum foil and then cover it with clay.  Make sure that your ice cream scoops fit in the tubs that you have.

Use a clay tool to scrape the clay, making it look more textured.  Also, pile a little bit of clay around the ball, making it look like a scoop of ice cream.

Here are all my finished scoops (not yet baked)!  These were the ice cream flavors I made: moose tracks, peanut butter, chocolate chip, strawberry, chocolate, raspberry, and french vanilla.  Bake your clay ice cream scoops according to directions on your clay package.

Now you need some ice cream dishes!  I used the bottom of small(bathroom size) paper cups.  I cut the cup[s in half and taped the designed top half around the bottom half.

Ice cream scoops for cones can be made by cutting a small piece of cloth and putting a small amount of stuffing on it.

Secure the stuffing in the cloth with a rubber band.  This gives you a round shape, making the ice cream scoop.

For the cone, roll tan paper in the shape of a cone.  An easy way to do this is to draw a circle that has a radius of 3 1/2″.  Cut the circle into fourths, and roll those pieces into the shape of a cone.

Here is an overview of my finished shop.  Now I’ll be giving you more ideas for your shop!

First, I made a menu for you to print out [download the printable here].  I put it on an easel.

Here is a poster that is also included in the printable above.  I put this sign/poster on an easel, too.

The last sign included in the printable is the ice cream shop sign.

You can’t forget the ice cream flavor signs!  Write your ice cream flavors on paper, cut out the pieces of paper, and attach them to the ice cream freezer with tape.

Toppings for ice cream are simple to make.  Make chocolate and vanilla wafers by cutting strips of tan and brown craft foam.  Make sprinkles by cutting up bits of craft foam in assorted colors.  Take a small container, cut out a circle of brown craft foam, and put it in the little container for chocolate syrup.  The “peanuts” are actually real sugar bits that came from an assortment of sprinkles.  Put all your toppings in little canisters.  Mine are contact lens holders.

Cut small rectangles out of paper towels for napkins, and make sure you have spoons, too!  You may be able to get small spoons from real ice cream shops-they might give you a very small spoon for tasting the ice cream.

I made the small counter out of a tissue box, but you could easily construct one out of any cardboard.

Don’t let your dolls forget to bring their money!  We use money from the Doll Dining, Doll Boutique, and Doll Crafts kits from AG.

Josefina chose to buy an ice cream sandwich.  You can make these out of dark brown and white craft foam.  Make holes in the top and bottom with the dull side of a needle. 

Here is just an overview of the setup.  It is important to be creative and use the items you have on hand. 

Samantha is enjoying her sundae.  She ordered a medium sundae with french vanilla and strawberry ice cream. 

Here is Felicity eating her ice cream cone.  All our dolls really like the ice cream shop and I hope you make an ice cream shop for your dolls, too!