Diana here! It is always exciting to see the next “new” doll from the designers, but at times I like to go back in time and take a look at some of the dolls that made history.  I have been researching the slimline vinyl dolls which came about at the same time that Pleasant Company introduced the now so well known American Girl.  Back then the marketing of dolls focused more in the “collection” of the doll then the doll itself.  That is the case with the many companies that sprang out from “Just Pretend” such as: Stardust Classics, Dream Doll Designer, Friend to Friend and then Magic Attic and of course Carpatina which is still in business.

So how do these dolls measure up to today’s dolls?  let’s take a look:

Quality of Doll:  Most were made of hard vinyl, very sturdy and articulated. Most had sleepy eyes, although as companies suffered financial issues, some were made with fixed eyes, excellent hair and plenty of it.

Items associated with doll: The collections included not only very nice outfits  but also the corresponding accessories, furniture and play items to actually have an adventure.  The items allow to develop the imagination for girls to have fantasy play for a princesses, fairies, and travelers through the collection made it very attractive.

It is for this reason that I search for the once upon a time dolls, as I call them. Here is the very lovely Isabella meeting her new friends.

Who is she?  Isabella one of the original dolls from Carpatina.  She has the full slimline hard vinyl body.  Her eyes are sleepy blue eyes.  She has long blonde hair and plenty of it!  Isabella as she arrives in her new home.

Once she is cleaned and her hair washed and style, she enters the doll office. Char (Gotz) comes to welcome Isabella, who is wearing a simple skirt (made by Diana), pink t-shirt (AG), and pink shoes (Journey Girl).

Isabella shows off her hair to Char, see how shiny and long?

Close up of Isabella making friends with Char.  Look carefully and you can see the lovely complexion and paint job of this doll which is made in 2002, 11 years ago.

Fun Facts:  Currently Carpatina has Zoe who is the modern version of Isabella with no bangs.

So what to the fans think, should the focus be on the doll or the growth of their collection?