Before we got into American Girl dolls and other collectible dolls, my girls discovered Groovy Girls.  We have a huge tub of them and while they are not played with every day, they are well loved and get their fair share of play time.

Friday I had visited one of my favorite little shops. One with a quaint cafe, beautiful gifts, unique toys, and lots of other little temptations. We went into the kids room and noticed that she had her Groovy Girl doll outfits buy one, get one half off. How could I resist!!

I looked through the selection and decided that the Groovy Girls could really use the raincoat set as it came with a precious umbrella and the ballerina set which just makes me laugh because the ballet shoes are connected to tights that have to go over those huge groovy feet!

The outfits were a hit and my youngest spent the rest of the day playing with her Groovy family.  She loves that there are Groovy boys like Kyle and Prince Lance to keep the girls company.  The unicorn pulled the royal couple all over the play room while the hip girls rode the scooter and surfed. It was so much fun to watch her imagination running wild and listening to the little conversations that were going on between all the dolls. 

While the Groovy Girls have been on the back burner for a while, I think we may have to add to the collection at Christmas time. I just found a new place that carries them – Kazoo Toys.  

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