Isabelle went with me to NYC for the 2014 Toy Fair.  Being the creative girl that she is, she came up with her own styled outfit to wear on her first day in the big city.  


To make her hat, she picked out a pattern from Kerry Goulder’s Sewing Tales and I just resized it to 150% to make it fit. It is a super simple sewing pattern.

We used fabric scraps that we already had in purples and black to be fashionably true to the Pantone color of the year.

She was so cute in her Silly Monkey boots and her gnome hat with the matching scarf and skirt that we whipped together too.  Here she is with an ad for Sophia‘s that she took from the Exhibitor’s book for Toy Fair to let us know we had to check out what they have for her this year.

And here is a close up of the scarf.  We made a scarf pin from one of Lisa Kettell’s handmade wooden doll heads.

Now that we are back from Toy Fair and so totally inspired, you can be assured that lots of good things are coming your way.