Isabelle woke up to a blanket of white snow in North Carolina and was so excited that she didn’t even take time to put on a jacket (only these adorable boots from Silly Monkey) before dashing out the door.

She was so excited about her bootprints in the snow.  Personally, I think they are really adorable with the Doll Diaries pajama bottoms.

When she came inside , she wanted to create a winter activity.  We downloaded the free snowman printable and printed the PDF in the 4-to-a-page format to get it small enough for a doll to work with.   She created an adorable card, for me!

I love it.  If you want to create this, you can download the printable here.


Here is Isabelle’s final creation next to a big girl one made with the printable at 100 percent.

If you want to buy the boots or other fun doll clothes and accessories, hop over to Silly Monkey – aren’t they just so cute?

Happy Snow Fun,