In early June when I was looking for a “model” for my Dollie & Me review, we became fast friends with two little girls who were in The Little Mermaid with Natalie. When Belle told me she was going to have an Isabelle movie watching party, we decided it would be so much fun to add some Doll Diaries crafting fun into the evening’s activities. So. much. fun! 

Doll Diaries crafts

The afternoon of the party, Natalie and I packed up our big bag with everything we needed for the crafts we had planned – Tulip One-Step, Duck Tape, embroidery floss, t-shirts, and more. We had three craft stations planned – duck tape bows, Sculpey bead necklaces, and tie-dye tees for the dolls.

Isabelle movie watching party

Some of the first guests to arrive. All the guests – human and doll – were encouraged to wear their jammies.

Isabelle movie watching party

Belle (a little girl with big personality and endless imagination) started the party with a scavenger hunt she had planned and set up on the landing. I was so impressed at how much work  she had put into the clues and how she led the group. She is a natural leader/teacher!

Duck tape hair bows party activity

Natalie was in charge of the Duck Tape Bow station. 

Sculpey bead necklaces

On Friday afternoon, Natalie made 70 beads out of Sculpey for the girls to use making necklaces for themselves and their dolls. Belle’s little sister, Claire (so adorable!!) made a necklace for her baby doll, too.

Tie Dye doll shirts

The tie-dye station was a HIT!! The girls had way too much fun getting creative with twisting the shirts and adding dye. Unfortunately I don’t have any good photos of the finished shirts because it was a mad rush to get them dry and to the girls as they left for the evening. 

Isabelle movie watching party

Once the crafts were complete, it was time to watch the movie. Belle’s mom had ordered the Isabelle movie on-demand and the girls all piled into the living room with their dolls. Everyone ate popcorn, drank lemonade and had ice cream sundaes at “intermission.” There were quite a few impromptu dance offs and conga lines from the girls. Plenty of giggling, oohing and ahhhing at the dancers, and lots of hugs for their dolls.

So, what did we think of Isabelle’s movie? Well, it depends on your age, how much you LOVE dance, how much you LOVE the character Isabelle and how realistic you expected the movie to be. All the girls enjoyed the movie and I know there were a few (Belle especially) that will want to watch it again and again. I loved the dancing, thought the storyline was very AG, and the acting was marginal, however, it was still perfect for the target age group! 

In other words, just watch it and enjoy the movie for what it is.

Thanks so much to Belle, her friends and her family for letting us join in the fun. We had a blast.