Isabelle, what a surprise you have been!  When the first spoiler alerts came out, she seemed to be “just too plain” for some, including me.  So what made me think she was so plain?  After looking and researching several past American Girls, I realized that even though she seemed plain she really was NOT!  No other AG doll has Isabelle’s combination of eye color,  face mold and hair.  Two dolls come close: Lanie and McKenna,  as a close match but were they really?  Let’s take a closer look…

Isabelle next to McKenna,  you can immediately see the differences.  Face mold,  eye color, hair length and yes even hair color, we will see this with a closer view later.  McKenna is wearing the new gymnastic set that she received for Christmas.

A closer look at their faces.

One thing these two  do have in common,  is their love for dance.  Although McKenna is a gymnast, dance moves are part of her training and she really loves it.  As a dancer Isabelle loves to do floor exercises very similar to what is done in gymnastics.

Lanie joins Isabelle and McKenna,  as one of the past GOTY,  Lanie has the same green eyes as Isabelle.  I was so sure that Isabelle and Lanie where the same, but they are not.  They too have their differences. Lanie’s face mold is rounder, her cheeks are puffier than Isabelle.

Lanie has curly shorter hair and a lot lighter blonde then Isabelle.  McKenna’s hair is a darker blonde almost light brown.

here is a different view of the hair, to show the color differences.

Here are the three friends, all unique in their own way.   Isabelle’s collection has many similar items from Marisol’s collection, but since I missed Marisol’s collection, I am glad to see some return items with a more modern style. 

Isabelle will be here for one year, and I am sure she will continue to amaze me as items are added to her collection.

Can you see the differences in the three friends?