Isabelle has been requesting a hat box, so I surprised her with this simple craft. Let’s take a look…

Supplies that you may already have: scrap paper that you like, black felt, black paint, paint brush, rhinestones, glue and scissors. I purchased the box at Michael’s Craft and the trims in the $1.50 section.

Here is the information on the box I found in the wood area of Michael’s Craft.

The trims came in various colors, I selected pink.

Cut out pieces for the outside of the box and also for the top of the box.  The outside pieces are from your scrap paper material. Cut felt for the bottom of the inside box and for the inside of the top of the hat.

Although I lined my box with felt, if I were to do it again I would paint the inside walls of the bottom of the box and the inside walls of the top of the hat box with black paint. I would paint first then apply the felt to the inside of the box and top.

Once you have completed both inside the box and inside the top of the box, then you are ready to cover the outside with your scrapbook paper. I changed my mind and made the bottom part of the box the same color as the top of the box.

When you finish applying the paper then you can decorate it with the trims and rhinestones, as I have done here. I found some Ballerina stickers at Michael’s Craft on sale.

Now it was time to surprise my lovely Isabelle.  She found the box this morning.

Isabelle loves her box and all the things that fit inside.

Since Isabelle is also a designer, she will enjoy all the sewing items including the sewing basket. All the items except the thread spools are from the Our Generation Sewing accessories.  The 1/2″ x 5/8 inch spools are from Michael’s craft and make perfect thread spools.  I added the different color thread to each spool.

Isabelle shows you how everything fits inside her new hat box. 

Will you be making a hat box?

 Fun Facts:
1. The cost of the box was $1.00 total cost of the craft was less than $4.00