Isabelle Crafts at AG Stores

Today the American Girl Atlanta store had the Isabelle Craft for the girls scheduled, so I decided to attend.  I was surprised, the craft offered the Isabelle souvenir t-shirt that was the giveaway on January 1st.   Let’s take a look at what the craft contained…

The Isabelle craft allows the girls to customized the souvenir t-shirt.  It also has a paper doll and outfit to color.  

These are the instructions to design the t-shirt by make several cuts.

Here is the t-shirt close up (yes, this is the same one that Char is giving away to one lucky Doll Diaries reader HERE)

Here are the paper cutouts to create your own dance outfit.  You can color them to your taste.

Here is the Isabelle paper doll that is part of the craft.  She comes cut out and is ready to wear the outfits you create.

I was pleased to see a craft that girls could actually keep and play with, instead of just throwing it away after it is done. What I have not seen yet is a poster for Isabelle, but I am looking forward to see what other crafts will become available.

What do you think would be a perfect craft for Isabelle?



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  1. I really want that shirt.

  2. I loved going to the Atlanta premiere. The shirt is great quality.

  3. I live in Canada and never have the chance to go to these things. Can you buy the shirt online? What web do you recommend?

  4. Isabella- You cannot buy the t-shirt on the American Girl website, maybe on eBay though.

  5. What was the shirt craft labeled as?? I have an AG place near me and really want that shirt!

  6. Hey Isabella, in case you didn’t know they are opening 2 AG stores in Canada.

  7. Isabella I live in Canada to.I know the stores are coming to Canada and am SO excited even though the closest store is Toronto but it’s still like 4 hours away

  8. The shirt is really pretty

  9. I’m all sad because Seattle wasn’t giving these out when I went ): It’s just so cute and fun!

  10. I saw this craft at AGP LA on the first but the store was too crowded to attend. :( But I look forward to eventually being able to do this craft as the year progresses! :)

  11. Isabella- Usually at the end of the year with the Girl of the Year retires AG sells the leftover ones as, for example, “Saige Tee” or something of the sort. I hope this helps!

  12. Cool! I almost attended a Saige craft similar to this in July but the line was SUPER long! >:l

  13. I’m really glad to see that American Girl had a craft dedicated to paper dolls – after all, I have a thing for paper dolls, as anyone who reads my site will know. It would also be nice if American Girl would have a craft event where they taught basic sewing.

  14. I have two of the Saige souvenir tees. When they gave them out at Saige’s debut, McKenna was all like, “Ermahgerd free clothes!” XD

    I’d really like an Isabelle one, too. Perhaps there will be some left when I go to the AG Place?

  15. Meg_DollFanInAfrica says:

    T-shirt – that is so cute but do you have to hem the edges or does the fabric not unravel?
    Paper doll – I love the paper doll and her clothes but how do the clothes stay on the doll as I cannot see any tabs – or are glue dots used?
    Thanks for sharing Diana – as the nearest store is far away, I will probably not get to touch the t-shirt!

  16. Meg – I use tape with my paper dolls, and I suspect that they used something similar at the craft event.

  17. Decorate your own leotard. When I did ballet for shows we would be given a plain white leotard, glitter glue, fabric pens, sequins and all sorts of other bits and bobs to decorate our own leotards 😀

  18. Heather Leabman says:

    There are Isabelle tees on Ebay. They run a little over $30. My Aunt and cousin went to the NYC Launch. I hope I get/win one.

  19. Victoria B says:

    This looks like a really fun craft. I live in England, so won’t be able to do this craft, but it is fun to look at what other people can make at AG Place

  20. Meg — I thought I’d answer a couple of your questions. First, t-shirts are made of knit fabric, which tends to roll a bit when it has a cut or un-hemmed edge. They won’t last as long, but they won’t unravel all on their own. (Woven fabrics — ones with a set of threads running top to bottom and another set running side to side — are the ones that unravel if they aren’t hemmed.)

    Second, the paper dolls they were given out were like a sticker book with replaceable stickers. My daughter went on the first but was too late for the tee, but she has the paper doll. I think her dolls can use it like a mini.

    I’ll have to keep my eye out for one of these craft days at the store near us. In the mean time, I may pick up some plain tees for her to cut like the card above just for designing play.

  21. Ooooops — I just realize Meg was asking about the paper doll in this post and not the one they gave out the first day. Not sure how they expected girls to attach their own designs. Maybe someone who has this one can weigh in.

  22. Adorable! Can’t Wait To Go To The Store! :)

  23. It’s adorable! I think they should have an activity where girls learn a little bit of ballet.

  24. They should have done no sew tutu as a craft

  25. Kristen L. says:

    I saw this too, but the line was pretty long! They had a bag with the tees and they stood at the door handing them out.


  27. At the craft event with the paper dolls, they used double sided tape!!!! It worked really well and the girls really enjoyed designing their own outfits. I like this craft better than the hot air balloon for Saige because it is better to take home.

  28. Love it!

  29. Thanks for the help to anyone who commented. The shirt is on ebay and I want to buy it. I found out they are opening an AG store up in Vancouver and I am going there this summer. I am sooo going there.

  30. Isabella- I’m glad that a store is coming near u.i live in Canada too and the closest one to me is Toronto but it’s still 4 hours away!

  31. Really cute. I love the paper doll and that you can color the clothes yourself.