We have reviewed several dolls recently because the doll market for 18″ dolls keeps expanding and we are seeing more variations for the 18″ doll.   Let’s take a look at a doll which has “human hair”.  The doll is manufactured by a company named My Salon Doll created back in 2011.   So what about this doll attracted me to select her?  Was it the eyes?  The hair?  Her body structure?  Her price?   Well let’s take a look at what it takes to make it to the top of my list…..

Her name is Amy, she has caramel hair color, brown eyes and she is all vinyl.  She is special because she has human hair so is that enough to make a difference?   No, but the hair quality is top on my list in selecting a doll and so is her all vinyl body structure.  She has fixed eyes, which I am finding to like more then sleepy eyes. 

Amy came wearing a knitted top and shorts and a pair of plastic sandals.  The first thing I notice was No Velcro!  Buttons were used both on the top and the shorts, this small detail does influence my opinion to favor this company.  Trying on clothes to find what  fits and what doesn’t  is very important in order to be able to share clothes amongst all dolls.  Amy can easily wear all Journey Girl outfits as well as shoes, but best of all she can also wear some American Girl and Our Generation outfits.  Another good check mark!

The Hair! that is extremely important on my selection of a doll.  Here Amy shows her new hair style, she is very photogenic.  Her human hair is very soft and can easily be styled with just water and rollers.  Her face and looks are very appealing to me, she makes eye contact, another top of the list feature.

Amy shows off her long hair.  She has a fair amount of hair, not overpowering, just right.  A little side curl completes her new look.

Amy takes a minute to wave to her Doll Diaries fan. 

Can she wear earrings? Yes, she comes with her ear lobes pierced with two holes.  The outer hole is as big as the earring posts for the AG doll and the inside hole is very small for earring posts like My Twinn or real children earrings. I choose to purchase a set of girl’s earrings at Target, which brought 6 earrings for $4.99.  Being able to wear earrings makes it to the top of my list.

Can she pose?  Another top of the list feature.  How well can she pose her head and how well she sits are two of the areas I look at,  here you can see Amy can sit with her legs fairly close together.   Her head can tilt down more then most of my other dolls.  She is not multi-jointed, but she can pose very nicely.

Amy loves to play with her dolls.

Making friends with other girls.  Fitting in with other dolls and being able to share clothes, accessories and props. Definitely top of the list.

Amy has many of the qualities that makes a doll be on the top of my list,  if I were to add one thing,  it would be multi-jointed.  Dolls come in many styles and variations making the selection a personal choice.  Amy rates a 9 on a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is the highest.  She is the closest to a perfect 10, in my opinion. 

Her price range is from $100 to $127, and can also be found on eBay.  I found Amy for $70 on eBay.

What features are on top of your list in selecting a doll?

Note: Opinions on this post are that of my own and do not reflect those of Doll Diaries.