The announcement that American Girl is archiving their star Samantha doll has caused an outpouring of emotion for doll lovers of all ages. When the announcement first came out, I ordered my Samantha and Nellie dolls because I was unsure of how long they would still be around – I am now glad I did.

According to the American Girl website, Samantha is backordered until December 18. And while I suppose you could still order her – especially if you are not buying it as a Christmas gift, I wonder how many are really coming in at that time. Last week I called the American Girl New York store to order a Bitty Baby for my niece. The one I wanted was on back order according to the web site and I happen to know that that is not tied to the stock in the stores. My personal shopper was able to get me the right Bitty Baby from the New York store stock so I asked her about Samantha, too. She said that they only have a few left in the store and expected to be sold out by the end of the weekend.

So, if you haven’t already got the Samantha and Nellie items you are looking for, what do you do?

  • Check the American Girl website – there is free shipping until November 25 anyhow
  • Call the individual American Girl stores – ask for someone in personal shopping. If they have it on the store shelves, they will ship it directly to you
  • Check eBay. While there are some ridiculously greedy people selling on eBay, there are also many more who are fair and you can still get your doll and her items at a reasonable price. (Here is a custom eBay search page just for American Girl doll items)

UPDATE 12/9/08 – a friend was at the American Girl Place store in New York and reports that the Samantha display is no longer there and Samantha is sold out in the store. Ebay seems to be the best option for gettinig the retired Samantha and Nellie items now.