UPDATED! It’s official – Kirsten IS being archived!! If you visit the Kirsten page on the American Girl website you see her archive announcement:

American Girl Doll Kirsten Being Archived

While I have not been able to substantiate this rumor completely, supposedly some people have already received letters from American Girl stating that Kirsten will be archived soon. Funny, this is about the time we found out last year that Samantha was being archived.

Now I have my own theory. I think American Girl is archiving some of the original historical characters now so that come time for the 25th anniversary of American Girl, they can re-release special 25th Anniversary editions of the dolls.

I’m sure we will get more details over the next few weeks. If you had started Kirsten’s collection, you may want to work on finishing it up now or look to get the missing items from your Kirsten collection on eBay later.

If you have received a letter from American Girl or have seen real evidence that American Girl is retiring Kirsten – at least for now – please send it in! You know the email: share@dolldiaries.com.

Here is the letter that was sent out:

“Dear Kirsten fan,

We’re writing with important news about one of the original American Girl Dolls- Kirsten Larson® . We wanted you, one of her biggest fans, to be among the first to know that soon, Kirsten’s complete collection will be moving into the American Girl Archives. Like you, countless American Girl fans have found a friend in this brave pioneer girl since her introduction in 1986. Bringing Kirsten’s world to life- from starting at a new school in a strange land to celebrating her family’s time-honored traditions on St. Lucia’s Day- has been a journey we’ve enjoyed sharing with you.

As we bid Kirsten® a fond farewell, we do so knowing her departure will make it possible to introduce new characters and time periods for our customers to enjoy.

Watch for more information in our catalogues and at americangirl.com. In the meantime, don’t miss the opportunity to purchase items from Kirsten’s collection before it’s too late. Thank you again for your continued support.


American Girl

PS: Though Kirsten will soon be moving into the American Girl Archives, her stories will live on! You’ll continue to find Kirsten books at americangirl.com, at American Girl stores, and at booksellers nationwide.”