The winter season will soon pass by and before we know it, Spring and Summer will be here.  So the Our Generation collection has released these two outfits.  I have been waiting for these since December, let’s take a look…

Fun Day Sun Day is the name of this outfit.  For $12.99 this package not only brings the swimsuit but also several accessories. 

Dabbie wanted to be our model.  The package includes: striped swimsuit, swim goggles, towel, life jacket, plastic sandals, and sea shells.

Here is a closer look at all the pieces.  The swimsuit does not have Velcro, it is a slip on. It is tight getting it on around the arms but  if you squeeze the arms inward you can get it on.

The sandals are adorable, but I did have to make a minor modification.  The shoes would not go on because the top plastic strap was too tight, so I removed a small metal ring and replaced it with a matching ribbon.

The second outfit called “Wearever and ever” contains:  shorts, a cotton eyelet blouse, a very cute shrug and clear plastic shoes, very cute as well.

A closer look at this set.  McKenna  loves this set, she loves the color purple.

A closer look at the shoes which fit perfectly.

Do you have a favorite?

Fun Facts:
1. Both outfits were $12.99 each and are just starting to arrive at Target.