One of the most anticipated doll releases this year for me has been the City Girls line from Tonner Toys. I first saw these 16″ fashion dolls who have a sense of ambition, fashion and catchy names at Toy Fair while I was visiting the Tonner booth. I was immediately captivated! They are such a great line for young collectors – especially those of you who like the Ellowyne Wilde dolls but are not ready for the price tag they come with!

This is the photo I took of the City Girls display at Toy Fair when they were just prototypes.

And here are City Girls Astor and Billy hanging out on the “runway” (also known as the reversible play scene from My Dolls Life) in my office.

Now I took a whole bunch of photos of the girls in their boxes and their meet outfits, but guess what? I can’t figure out where that camera card went! Since I couldn’t keep these fun loving dolls from you any longer, I’ll share some of the photos I have taken in the last day or so and when I find my other camera card, I’ll post those photos.

Each of the City Girls has a storyline – Astor (redhead) is a fitness model who overcame a medical condition to train for triathlons. Billy, the one who looks like Carly Rae Jepsen, owns a bakery in the city and donates portions of her profits to charity. The City Girls are a great line for tween/teen collectors – they are fashion forward, but not trashy; they have storylines that are interesting and ambitious; and the basic dressed dolls are about $50 which seeing as they are part of the Tonner family, makes them a really good starting point.

This is a close up of Billy wearing the Networking Outfit – which is just stunning. I posted this photo on Facebook the other day and it was mentioned that she really does look a lot like the teen pop star, Carly Rae Jepsen. What do you think?

Aren’t those glittery stockings amazing? I just think they did such a great job of making these dolls have a classy fashion sense! And their fashion packs are so mix and matchable! The only thing you need to know if you are going to get one, is that their hands come off – for a reason! You have to take their hands off to get some of the sleeves on and off easily but also to remove or change out their bracelets. This is the same for Ellowyne Wilde dolls. Its a little weird the first time you take their hands off, but you get used to it.

While Ellowyne dolls and the City Girls dolls are both about 16″ tall and both have articulated joints (also known as bendy knees, wrist, elbow and torsos), City Girls are thinner than Ellowyne. But the good news is, City Girls can borrow some clothes from Ellowynes and some from Little Miss Matched dolls, and they can all share accessories.

Astor is wearing Going in Circles Ellowyne’s dress and while it is a bit big, it does not require pinning. Billy is wearing my favorite Sag Harbor dress for the mainline Tonner Cami doll and it fits her PERFECTLY! 

Where can you get these beauties? You can purchase them directly from or you can pick them up at The fashion packs are $24.99 and depending on the doll and how she is dressed, the dolls are $39.99-$69.99. And by the way – I do NOT recommend these dolls for younger girls – they are for junior collectors as they are a bit difficult to dress and younger girls may get frustrated with them.

So, what do you think so far? I will be showing you more photos of these two in their various outfits, but if you think we should do a giveaway for a City Girl (or two), please let us know in the comments and why so I can pass it on to the designer of the dolls (who just so happens to be the same one who designed the Little Miss Matched Girls).