I have been ooohing and aaaahing over this new line of dolls I have seen our UK doll retailer friends sharing – they are called Schildkroet Dolls and are just so cute. Of course, Diana fell in love with them too and has adopted two already from the UK. Here is her photo story introducing them to us.


Are we really here?  Here is a short story about the journey of the Schildkroet dolls who were introduced in the 2013 Nuremberg Toy fair, more about these dolls can be found in My Doll Best Friend blog.

As soon as I saw the brunette, I knew she had to come to America! These dolls do not come with a name so you can name them.

Story told by Amy (brunette doll):

Hi my new name is Amy and I just arrived in Atlanta, Georgia.  Oh my, the sun is so blinding! What an amazing trip, I started in Germany and traveled to the UK, where I stayed with a lovely family (Maxine’s family).  Then I was told I would live in the United States and we (yes we) have arrived!

I am so happy to be in this new place, even though the sun is so hot.  I really need to get a new wardrobe, I am very petite although I am 17 inches tall.

Before I left Germany my beautiful light brown hair was put into two pigtails, this makes is easier for me to travel, but I was so happy to get a new hair style.  I love to show off my new hairdo, what do you think?

My friend Stacy also came to Atlanta, Georgia with me.  Stacy has red hair and she likes it in a ponytail.  Stacy is also looking forward to a new wardrope since we both wear clothes for colder weather. Stacy and I are BFF!

Here is a close up picture of my best friend, isn’t she adorable?

We look forward to being a part of Doll Diaries and we hope to bring you many adventures….Amy.

*** Ok, these girls are sooooo cute! Thanks Diana for sharing them with us.