Ever since the Canadian doll company, Maplelea, introduced us to their latest addition, Saila, I have had my eye on her! Pronounced “sigh-la,”  – Saila is from Iqaluit – the capital of the Nunavat Territory in the northern part of Canada. She speaks English and her native language of Inuktitut. Well, I couldn’t help myself any longer and just had to order her a few weeks ago. She arrived yesterday and let’s just say that the catalog pictures do not do her justice! She is so authentic looking – as in she really looks like an Inuit girl. I think it is so neat that Maplelea embraced this important part of Canadian culture in making Saila.

American Girl Kanani and Maplelea Girl Taryn were ready to meet their new friend in the snow. After all, Kanani loves the Sporty Winter outfit and Chrissa was kind enough to loan Taryn her snowsuit until Taryn’s snowsuit arrives (long story!).

Maplelea Saila, Taryn, Kanani

Saila arrived in her meet outfit which consists of a pink t-shirt, fleece vest, glitter jeans and boots. She was very happy to see the other girls.

Maplelea dolls Saila and Taryn


Saila and Taryn comparing notes about being Canadian dolls in a house of American Girl dolls. Taryn says not to worry – all the girls here are very nice and love their friends from all over the world.

Maplelea Saila close up

Here is a close up of Saila’s cutie face.

Maplelea Saila

A view of Saila’s long black hair with a slight wave and layers.

Office Taryn, Saila, Kanani

And the girls have decided that I need company each day and have taken over the shelf in my desk that is right above my computer monitor. All I have to do is look up and I can enjoy this fun winter scene. Once Taryn’s snowsuit arrives from my Canadian friend Karen, Chrissa can have her snowsuit back and join in the fun.

Saila is available directly from the Maplelea website and costs $99. She is 18″ tall, has a soft body and pose-able limbs.

Note: I bought Saila on my own and received no direct compensation for this review (although Maplelea is a Doll Diaries advertiser all year). She is a beautiful doll and I just had to share this with you!!

So, what do you think of our new doll friend? Have you started getting your Holiday scenes ready for your dolls? We have another Holiday Parade coming up … get your photos ready!