In 2013 the German company Gotz introduced three limited edition dolls through Pottery Barns Kids which is the only company who still carry Gotz dolls in the USA.   Since I am such a fan of Gotz,  I have had my eye on these limited editions.   Each of the doll’s original price was $119, but I can be patient.   The time came and they were meant for me,  because without expecting it last weekend I went to the mall and dropped in on Pottery Barns Kids.   While talking to the employee, she pointed me to a tub of reduced dolls which were displayed during the Christmas Holidays.  They had marked them down 50%, I felt like I hit the jack pot!  Introducing….

Bella as I have named her, is a Prima Ballerina.  So why is she a limited edition?   Bella is part of a limited number of production dolls and once they are sold out, no more are produced.  The other reason she is limited is because of her hair and eye combination.   Bella is a blonde with brown eyes and she was produced especially for Pottery  Barns Kids.

Bella was practicing by her mirror in the studio when Isabelle dropped in.   Isabelle was so impressed with how Bella was practicing that she introduced herself.   Hi said Isabelle, are you new to the studio?

Yes said Bella, I just transferred to this dance school, my name is Bella.   I have been taking ballet lessons for 6 years, and I just love it.  Isabelle wanted to see some of  Bella’s practice moves.

Bella showed Isabelle how she performs the developpe move.  She lifts the leg up and maintains the lifted position in the air while extending the foreleg.

You do it so beautiful said Isabelle.  Are you wearing ballet pointe shoes?  asked Isabelle.  Yes said Bella, I have been in pointe shoes for two years.   Isabelle asked Bella to be her friend and they made plans to hang out together.

Bella waved bye to Isabelle and promised to call her tomorrow.  Here is a close up look at Bella.

Have you ever tried pointe ballet shoes?

Fun Facts:
1.  Bella is wearing the Gotz outfit she comes with and she is truly wearing pointe ballet shoes.
2.  Bella can wear and share Isabelle’s AG outfits, they both have the same body and vinyl arms and legs.
3.  The mirror in the studio is also from Gotz sold at Pottery Barns Kids.  It is sold separately from the Ballerina Doll.
4.  Bella is still available at the Pottery Barns Kids stores, but not online.