Ever since I saw Amelia from our friends at A Girl for All Time at Toy Fair, I have been waiting so patiently to be able to share more of her with you. Amelia is one of Matilda’s descendents who is born in the Victorian Age in England and she inherits Matilda’s trunk.

A Girl For All Time Amelia Victorian Girl

According to the A Girl for All Time website, the summary of Amelia’s story goes like this:

‘My name is Amelia Elliot.  Just an ordinary school-girl in Victorian London. I’m looking forward to my thirteenth birthday when I’m going to inherit the family traveling trunk bequeathed to every first born girl, by my great great great…..well so many greats I lose count…grandmother Matilda.

A gypsy at the fair yesterday, read my palm and said I’m going to have a life of struggle, heartbreak, riches and adventure and that she could see me on stage at a music hall!  What a load of nonsense!’

Again from looking at the web site, the Amelia extras are in the works, like her Secret Recipes are being added soon and Things to Do with Amelia is taking shape. They are doing another photo shoot with Amelia later in April so hopefully we will be able to share more photos of her – like maybe a full length shot or see some of her outfits (which I saw and love).

If you visit the Amelia page on A Girl for All Time, you can see a few more photos now and her book cover. Amelia is scheduled to be released September of 2012 and I look forward to “meeting” her then.