Karen here and I am so excited to share my Inspired by Lea craft today. I am a huge fan of mini dolls and I ordered my Mini Lea from The Book Depository last week and I can not wait for her to arrive. I have made this beach hut for her and my other mini dolls while we await her arrival. You can create this beach hut for your mini dolls with items you find at the dollar store along with items you may already have on hand.

To make your own you will need:

  • A Dollar Store basket (mine is a 9X9 by 4 inch deep basket)
  • Wooden Bamboo Skewers
  • Scissors
  • Dollar Store tropical flower stem
  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun
  • Fun Foam/Felt
  • Toilet Paper tube
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Hair elastics or ribbon


Step 1- Assemble all your supplies, Plug in your glue gun and stand your basket on it’s side. Take one skewer and thread it through the basket weave on the left hand side, pushing it along until you pierce through the other side making sure it is level. Repeat this six times to create the sleeping loft.

Step 2- Use your glue gun to secure the skewers in place by dabbing glue around them on both sides of the basket. Let dry and then bend or use scissors to remove the access skewers sticking out of each side.


Step 2- Remover the flowers and the leaves from the stem of your dollar store flower. This will be used to create the swing! You should have at least three branches coming from the stem, I bent them into a swing shape and wove them together with green pipe cleaner. I then bend the stem into an S shape and I glued it to the top left corner of the basket, then covered it in flowers and leaves which I glued into place with the hot glue gun.


Step 3- Create the table and the sleeping bag with felt and fun foam. I used colorful elastics as trim. You can also use ribbon. To create the sleeping bag cut a piece of felt the same width and length as the sleeping loft, add a second piece as the top of the sleeping bag, glue it into place. Make a pillow and decorate it as you wish.


Step 4- The table is made from a piece of toilet tissue tube and fun foam. I measured the tube against the mini doll and cut it at 3.5 inches. I then cut snips in the top and bent ever other one forward. I added glue to these pieces and I had cut a table top free hand from some brown fun foam. I pressed it into place and let it dry. Next I covered the base with pink felt and slid on some hair elastics for color.


The table is made so that the mini dolls can use it while sitting in the swing chair and it easily fits under the sleeping loft as well. You could create another sleeping bag and place it on the bottom as bunk beds too!

I hope you enjoyed my inspired by Lea mini doll craft! I can’t wait for min mini Lea doll to arrive.