The American Girl Place in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles is a great family destination. From the time you walk through the doors, there is enough to see and do that you can easily spend a whole day there. We visited the American Girl Place in New York City a few summers ago and my girls have let me know it is time to go back again! Here are some of our photos from the first trip.

We stayed at the Doubletree in Times Square. We highly recommend this hotel! They are conveniently located just a few blocks from AGP. You can walk, take a cab for less than $5 or take a cool “pedicab” for less than $15. They have cool displays near the elevators on the lower floors.

AGPNY display at Doubletree

Inside at the Doll Hair Salon. The stylists were taking great care to make all styles perfect. I thought it was interesting that they were using toothbrushes to do the detail work on the dolls hair. I recommend going early if you want your dolls hair styled. By mid-afternoon there was a 90 minute wait.

AGPNY hair salon

In the Historical Doll area – this is part of Kit’s display. Since Kit was number one on our shopping list, we had to visit her first. We also got her waffle iron set as we were worried it may not be around much longer.

AGPNY Kit's display

On the same level as the Cafe, is Bitty Baby’s area. It was so cute!! All of Bitty’s stuff, Bitty for Girls and the new Bitty Twins were in here. The new twins were very cute in person – so much so, that we now have a blonde girl and a brunette girl.

AGPNY Bitty Baby

We tried to get reservations for brunch based on the recommendation of our Personal Shopper. Supposedly the brunch menu has a broader appeal for picky eaters. Anyhow, we got lunch reservations instead and were not disappointed at all. Our dolls were all given treat seats upon seating. Our napkin rings were cute black and white striped hair scrunchies that we could take home. The cinnamon buns were yummy. The first course was a plate with pretzels, fruit kabobs, veggies, cheese and dip. Perfect for three hungry girls and their dolls.


One of the girls ordered Bitty Bites which was a small hot dog, small hamburger (I tasted it and it was good), mac ‘n cheese and fruit salad. I think it was supposed to come with fries, but we did a swap. This was more than enough food for a hungry shopper!


So, who came home with us? We brought Elizabeth with us, but decided that all the girls needed that fancy Gala outfit so Lizzie offered to model it in the hotel room. Kit has been on the wish list since day one. There is nothing like picking out your very own doll. We got Kit, her birthday outfit, and her waffle iron.


We came close to bringing home Samantha, but those twins spoke louder. Modeling from left to right we have “Rose” the brunette Bitty Twin, “Penelope” our original Bitty modeling her new Flower Fairy dress, “Daisy” the blonde Bitty Twin, and “Alex” our GT21G modeling the Kickin’ Back outfit. I regret not getting a picture of all the Today girls in their display, but maybe that is for our next trip.


 You can see more of our photos at AGDollResources along with photos from some of our other adventures. If you have been to American Girl Place and would like to share any of your photos with our readers, just send them to