Hi girls! It is Natalie and today I have a new little photostory for you. Let’s jump right in!

I walked in on this chilly morning and was immediately blasted with warm air as I opened the front door of my dance studio, DollDiaries Dance Studio. It was already not a great day, they forgot the extra strawberry drizzle on the top of my Strawberries & Creme Frappe from Dollbucks. I saw Elle at the Pro-Shop (a little stand where we can buy dance goodies before practice) and smiled. Elle greeted me with a warm hello then said, “Isabelle, congrats on the lead in the Nutcracker! You will be amazing.” I replied, “Thanks so much Elle!” A few weeks before we all auditioned for “The Nutcracker”. I was expecting a small role as a dancer in the back, but we got the call saying I got the lead! I have been practicing non-stop. My solo dance is perfect, I can’t wait to show it to coach today!

I went into the dance room and saw my teammate Gwen. “Wow you are here early Gwen,” I said surprised, “What are you working on?” Gwen said, “Stretching. Turns. Leaps. Normal skills.” I heard the clearing of someone’s throat then turned around to find my coach. With a frown on her face she said, “Miss Isabelle, you know the rules. No food or drink in the dance room. Now come on, go get ready! We are starting a bit early today.”

I hurried over to Elle and asked “Can I keep my Dollbucks and coat with you?” She nodded and reached out waiting for me to hand her them. I quickly pulled my arms out of the sleeves of my coat and handed her my drink with it. She placed them on a small shelf behind the counter and then asked, “See anything you like?” She held her arms out gesturing to the items on the table.

I spent a good amount of time marveling at the array of different colored ballet and tap shoes, sparkling accessories, and glittering tutus. One dress caught my eye, it was a soft pink dress with little rose detailing. It was gorgeous! So were the matching shoes. I only brought enough money for a new pair of shoes or tutu today.  A shimmering gold tutu was hanging by the side and it was very cute, I decided to get that!

“Is that all today Isabelle?” Elle asked me. “Yes that’s all,” I replied to Elle. She placed her hand on the top of the hanger and in one swift motion she took it off the hanger, deactivated the sensor, and scanned the price tag. “That will be $24.99 Isabelle,” Elle said happily. I handed Elle my crisp $20 bill and five $1 bills. Clink! Elle opened the cash register and handed me a shining penny. “Are you wearing it now?” Elle asked me. I nodded and asked, “May I keep my purple skirt with my coat and Dollbucks?” Elle replied, “Of course! Go get changed.” I went into the restroom and changed then walked back out to the lobby and handed Elle my skirt. “Now go, you don’t want Madame Kanani angry with you.”

I walked into the dance room and saw Gwen already at the barre. “Let’s go Isabelle, we have been waiting!” Madame Kanani scolded. I quickly walked to the barre and started in first position then stood on demi-pointe and did four tendu to the front, four to the back, and four to the side. Madame Kanani had us stretch towards the barre, I turned my foot out the wrong way and got yelled at. My face turned as red as a Elle’s laptop. “Isabelle, come do your combination for Nutcracker.” Madame Kanani said.

I stepped to the middle of the  dance floor and began my combination. I danced through the combination and when I got to my pirouette I slipped and fell. Madame Kanani looked disappointing.  “Can I go get a drink of water?” I asked. Madame Kanani sighed but nodded. I walked over to the Pro-Shop and asked Elle, “Elle, when you were young where did you dance at?” She walked around the counter and told me to sit.

“Oh Isabelle,” Elle started, “I actually danced here, with Madame Kanani! Boy, was it rough. My first dance class my ankles wobbled a lot, I couldn’t hold up my arms, I didn’t know how to do ANYTHING.” My eyes grew big. “Seriously Elle?” She nodded and continued, “My first year was so hard. I tried multiple classes and realizes I really liked contemporary. Its a form of dance where you can become the artist. You tell a story.” “Wow I never thought of it that way.” I said. “In fact I used to find something I liked and wear it everyday to dance. I considered it my lucky charm!” Elle said to me, “Maybe you could use a little luck…” Elle turned around and grabbed something.

Elle pulled out a small bag and motioned for me to open it. I slowly took off the thin tape that was holding the bag closed and pulled out the object inside. When I took my hand out of the bag I was holding a beautiful golden tiara that was bedazzled. “Its gorgeous Elle!” I exclaimed as I stood up to hug her, “Thank you Elle.” “Your welcome Isabelle. Go and do that combination! I know you can.”

I started my combination, leaping and turning gracefully. My arms moving smoothly, I did the whole combination! Then I did something I never thought I would. I sprang into the air and leaped as high as I could. I landed perfectly!

“That was amazing Isabelle. You have real potential. Great job!” Madame Kanani said after the combination. “Thank you so much Madame!” I said back. Then I ran to Elle and asked her for my purple skirt…

I came back and handed it to Gwen. “You are an amazing dancer Gwen, I wanted to give you this skirt. It would be so cute with that leotard!” I said excited. Gwen twirled around. “I love it! Thank you so much!” She said. “No problem.” I said and smiled. Then Madame Kanani called me over.

I was so sure Madame was gonna tell me all that I did wrong today. She didn’t though… “Isabelle, you showed real potential today. I am very proud and know you will do amazing in the show. Do you have a costume yet?” Madame Kanani asked. “Um, no Madame I don’t.” I responded. Madame turned around and grabbed the gorgeous light pink dress and shoes I was looking at earlier. “You do now!” She said after handing me the dress. I was speechless. “Wow thank you so much Madame. I love it!” I finally said. “Isabelle I want you to put a twist on this dress though. Could you do that?” Madame asked. “Of course!” I said. Then I walked out of the studio and headed home to go into my room and design.

What do you think Isabelle will do to the dress?

Fun Facts:

  • The small “Dollbucks” cups were sent to us by the fabulous Sharry!
  • Isabelle’s new dress and coat are from Serendipity Doll Clothes.
  • The little Pro-Shop is actually TheQueensTreasure Shoppe with interchangeable signs.
  • The barre is Mckenna’s Bar from 2012
  • The dance studio is a house from AmericanDollRoom which I decorated with dance pictures from Google

Until next time this is Natalie signing off, click!