Thank you to all our readers for your amazing enthusiasm and patience this summer as we have had server issues that have made it very difficult for our team.

The database that basically runs this site has become so unstable that we are seeing more error messages than we can bear!  I am going to take time this week to get the site moved to a new server and we will bring Camp Doll Diaries back next week for the final three weeks of summer.

The server instability has also caused problems with our email – which is why some of your emails are being delivered to me days late or not at all. I need to go back through and see how much of the email can be recovered – so I can answer your questions and make sure nothing has been overlooked.

Depending on how quick we can get the server move taken care of, there will be some posts this week – I just don’t know what the schedule is going to look like, but I will keep you updated via the Doll Diaries Facebook page and Instagram.

Thanks again!

Char & the Doll Diaries Team